Lara Trump Drops Election BOMBSHELL

When Lara Trump and Michael Whatley took over the Republican National Committee (RNC), more or less folding the operations into the Trump campaign, I was skeptical.

So far, however, they have done a fairly decent job.

As an example, look no further than their lawsuit in Arizona to protect voter ID laws.

Who Are They?

One of the biggest complaints from conservatives over the last few elections is the fact that Democrats seem content to let just about anyone walk up and cast a vote.

Conservatives want voter ID laws to make sure the people casting the vote are legal citizens, but Dems call that oppression.

Arizona is not only a battleground state now, but it is also a border state, so the RNC filed suit for voters to provide proof of citizenship before they can pull that handle.

The RNC stated, “If this motion is successful, Arizona can enforce its law requiring documentary proof of citizenship to vote in this November’s presidential election or cast a ballot by mail in any election.”

RNC co-chair Michael Whatley added, “Our elections and the future of our country should be decided by Americans.

“Non-citizen voting compromises our elections, and we are committed to stopping it.

“This filing is another critical legal step in our fight to secure the 2024 election.”

Arizona GOP Chair Gina Swoboda also commented, stating, “Our election outcomes must reflect the voices of American voters.

“Any vote cast by a non-citizen dilutes those votes and risks silencing those voices.

“This is a very real problem in Arizona, and we are committed to resolving it.

“The AZGOP and the RNC are engaging at every level to ensure our elections properly reflect the will of Arizona voters.”

In recent years, we have seen many useless lawsuits filed by politicians and their respective party committees, but this is not one of them.

This is a dagger to the heart of Democrats, but more importantly, it will protect our election.

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