Biden Climate Agenda Gets BUSTED… Big Win for Red States

Joe Biden’s crackdown on the fossil fuel industry just took another hit.

Yet another suit that involves Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has brought Biden’s suspension of liquid natural gas (LNG) to a screeching halt.

A stay has been granted to block Biden’s order until the case can work its way through the courts.

Not Yet, Joe

A total of 16 states joined the lawsuit, which was led by Texas and Louisiana.

All 16 states rely heavily on fossil fuels for their state economies, but Joe Biden could care little about that as long as he does what all those climate activists filling his coffers want him to do.

Paxton was very happy about the ruling, stating, “This ruling means Biden’s illegal ban does not prevent Texas natural gas from reaching market while the lawsuit continues.

“While I continue fighting for Texans against the Biden Administration, producers can take their natural gas to market instead of flaring it.

“This will protect Texas jobs and keep our critical energy industry running.”

Rep. Randy Weber (R-TX) added, “People get anxious here on the Gulf Coast when the president starts – I’ll say monkeying — with permits for energy. Leave it alone. Let free enterprise run its course.”

Of course, climate activists are not happy about the ruling and are already crying to the media about it, but who cares?

Biden has clearly overstepped his boundaries on this issue, and the courts are rectifying a wrong that needs to be fixed.

It is cases like that that have led some to believe that Ken Paxton is probably atop the list of possible AG candidates for Trump.

He is ferocious and he could care less what people think of him, but more importantly, he and Trump appear to be on the same page on virtually every issue.

If he does become the AG, Texas will lose a warrior, but Trump’s Department of Justice will be brutal for liberals to deal with over the next four years.

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