New York City Mayor Sick Stunt OUTRAGED Conservatives

Texas Governor Abbott has sent a few busloads of illegals to New York City so they can share in the wealth of the problems at the border.

Like the other mayors given this beautiful gift, Adams has been whining in the media ever since.

Now, Adams is turning up the heat, sending a delegation of officials to evaluate the situation at the border.


Let me guess how this will work out.

Adams’ team will head to Texas with a story in hand and do little to actually investigate what is taking place.

They want to tell the story that Abbott is forcing illegals on to buses regardless of their wishes.

Adams’ office stated, “We’ve sent members of the team down on a fact-finding mission to hear directly from folks on the ground along the southern border and get the real answers we’re not getting from Texas, including whether they are sending asylum seekers to New York City even if they prefer to go elsewhere.

“Here in New York, we will continue to welcome asylum seekers with open arms, as we learn more about the process, meet with real partners, and see, firsthand, the reportedly inhumane conditions in which asylum seekers are being subjected to by the state of Texas.”

Here is the thing…

From the outset, Abbott stated that he was only taking volunteers to bus out of the state.

Secondly, even if he is not doing that, who cares?

Whether Democrats want to admit it or not, they became criminals the moment they came over the border illegally, so they go where they are told.

Or, maybe Abbott will meet them at the airport and tell them to get out of his state.

Source: Fox News


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