Russia Loving Biden Press Sec. Psaki Doesn’t Care About Children, Only Cares About Racism and Votes

Do votes matter? Voting begs the question since you can manufacture that which you don’t have enough of. You can bet the press won’t be able or willing to report anything incriminating at the border. That also begs the question, isn’t the press Democrat friendly? Media will have access in name only. Obama and Pelosi pull the levers. The racism is part of dividing Americans. “United we stand, divided we fall”.

Racism can start a civil war

Democrats and the media thrive on chaos. It keeps them relevant, it keeps eyes on them. Americans crave simple truth.

The Press Secretary noted the administration is “committed to transparency” and they want to “make sure the media has access”. Is that anything like the “unity” Biden pledged? Once he was officially in the White House, he sounded very different then he’s sounded the past four years. She mentioned, “While Biden was on the campaign trail”. He was never on the campaign trail. He was hidden!

Racism can be claimed at any time

Because everything is racist and words don’t mean a thing with the Democrats. That’s why the actions need to be watched, not the words.

The word “crisis” is not an option The administration will not call it that. She said, “children presenting at our border who are fleeing violence… who are fleeing terrible situations, is not a crisis.”

Racism can keep Democrats in the White House

Since they have control of broadcasting. Put out the necessary message, rinse and repeat. Say one thing in front of the camera, do something completely different behind closed doors.

Aren’t our borders open per Biden? He doesn’t want the wall but then Jen contradicted him again. “This is not the time to come, our borders are not open”. They’re trying to communicate to immigrants that this isn’t the time to travel. We’re trying to control COVID here and in fact there was a recent vote to NOT test incoming immigrants. That contradicted Jen as well, she said they’re “being tested and quarantined”.

Racism will also be used as a bludgeon against those who disagree

In fact, some immigrants may have been flown to the Canadian border to ease up on the congestion at our southern end. The administration will not call it a crisis, regardless the conditions the kids are in.

The President has no intention of going down there and Jen said as much. “He’s regularly briefed”. Trump would have already been down there looking at the situation, talking to those that had boots on the ground. He’d immediately make phone calls. One of many instances where a politician is proved useless. A businessman gets the job done.

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