Dems Going Spastic Trying to Ignore Joe’s Corruption

It’s going to be real interesting to see how many Democrats stand up to say political corruption is acceptable, because it’s Democrats accused of the crimes. Constitutional Scholar Jonathan Turley is quoting Aldous Huxley. “You shall know the truth,” the author of “Brave New World” wrote. “And the truth shall make you mad.” Such “a moment of madness has arrived in Congress as members prepare to vote on the formal approval of an impeachment inquiry.

Approval of Biden corruption

The question is whether to investigate Joe Biden’s corruption. Now that Hunter Biden has been indicted for a second time, with nine fresh charges tacked on in California to follow that up, the long-standing narrative of White House denials has been shattered.

The House of Representatives is poised to bring that question to a full floor vote.

The House won’t be voting on whether to file formal impeachment charges against Joe Biden but they will be voting on whether it’s appropriate to investigate all the corruption charges swirling around.

That’s not an unreasonable action to take and the public is watching the outcome closely. Each and every lawmaker will have to answer to their constituents when they eventually visit their home town.

There really isn’t any good argument in favor of ignoring charges of corruption, no matter who stands accused. The thing which makes this a political hot potato is the fact that the names of members who support and oppose the investigation will be made totally public.

If all the Democrats stand shoulder-to-shoulder in opposition, it will prove that they endorse separate special treatment for their own kind. Meanwhile, they continue to persecute Donald Trump for the equivalent of jaywalking.

Half the party

As professor Turley points out, “according to recent polling, nearly 70 percent of voters (and 40 percent of Democrats) believe that Biden has acted unlawfully or unethically or both.” That is corruption by definition.

Yet, “with almost half of the Democratic Party viewing Biden’s conduct as worthy of investigation, it is not clear whether a single Democratic member will vote to look into these allegations.” That should be shocking but the network media ignores the issue entirely.

Turley was one of the ones who testified to Congress about the viability of an impeachment investigation. He was all for it.

In September, I testified at the first impeachment inquiry hearing and stated that the evidence had clearly passed the threshold for such an inquiry. While there was no requirement to hold a formal vote to start this process (as the Democrats did with Trump), I encouraged the members to hold such a vote.” That’s the one coming up fast. Democrats might not consider what Joe’s accused of doing “corruption” because to them, it’s simply business as usual.

Since that hearing, the “evidence has only mounted.” It’s clear to professor Turley, “That Biden lied when he maintained as a candidate, and later as president, that he had no knowledge of his son’s business dealings with foreign interests. Even Hunter himself contradicted the president on this claim.

It’s crystal clear “that he lied in denying that his son never made money in China. The indictment confirms massive transfers from Chinese sources.” Will Joe face consequence for that corruption? Stay tuned and we’ll all find out.

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