3rd Mass Shooting in 3 Weeks and None of the Culprits Were Conservatives

The Imperial Palace is having a hard time justifying all those National Guard troops hanging around D.C. to defend against conservatives, especially when all the mass mayhem is carried out by liberals. The third mass shooting in as many weeks is more antifa-inspired anarchy. The oceanfront at Virginia Beach turned deadly Friday night in yet another episode of Black on Black violence.

Three shooting incidents

Black lives matter, just not to each other. Wearing the wrong set of sneakers can get you clipped. Three men were hauled into court on Monday to answer charges after the first incident of the evening on Friday, which injured seven people.

The coast was definitely not clear this weekend. In a statement released Saturday, police note “three separate shooting events took place Friday night in the resort area, leaving two people dead, a man and woman, and eight people hurt.”

The first incident of the night happened in the 2000 block of Atlantic Avenue. After the fact, it was pieced together that “a group of people were involved in some type of conflict which turned into a fight.”

A total of “five men pulled out guns and started shooting.” That’s when a bike patrol officer spotted Adams blasting away. “Drop the gun,” he ordered.

The paperwork explains that several people opened fire and Virginia Beach Police caught it on camera and chased them. Virginia Beach Police Chief Paul Neudigate testified that “officers on patrol responded to that shooting at 20th Street and Atlantic Avenue around 11:20 p.m. Friday.”

The judge got a good look at 22-year-old Ahmon Jahree Adams, 18-year-old Nyquez Tyyon Baker, and 20-year-old Devon Maurice Dorsey Jr., when they had their initial appearance. According to records, Baker admits “shooting into the crowd and handing the gun off to someone else.”

Down in the hole

Baker felt like a big man when he was shooting at random into the crowd but as soon as he got to court he screamed like a sissy. Whining that he “hadn’t spoken to his family since he was arrested” because he’d “been in the hole” and felt like he was being tortured.

His family was in the courtroom and didn’t want to talk to the press, but a spokesperson for the Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office calls him a liar. “Mr. Baker is being housed in COVID-19 quarantine for 14 days.” Along with every other new arrival. However, she continued, “he is not ‘in the hole.’ Our disciplinary housing is C3F and he is not housed there.”

Not only that, the admitted shooting suspect isn’t being held incommunicado either. “Additionally, he has had access to the phones and tablets throughout his time in custody.”

“He has made more than 40 phone calls in the past two days alone, but the calls were not successful. He was active on the tablets earlier today and had a visit with his attorney today as well.”

The second gunfire episode of the night on Friday claimed the life of 29-year-old Deshayla E. Harris, of Norfolk. Police said she was a bystander and nobody has been arrested yet. The third incident involved a police officer opening fire on a cousin of Rap star Pharrell Williams.

VBPD said that officers were responding to gunfire, which led to an “individual being confronted by a uniformed Virginia Beach police officer, resulting in a police intervention shooting.” Also Friday night, Malik Kearney tried to run over a Virginia Beach police officer with his car.

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