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New Photo Of Bill Gates Is Raising A Whole Lot Of Questions!

Many have viewed Bill Gates as a personification of evil.

He has been given an alarming amount of control and influence over the public, yet nobody questions it.

Why is he trusted so much? Is it because he’s a billionaire or because he created Microsoft?

While these are important factors to consider, there is something even more sinister going on.

It has recently come out that Gates owns more farmland in the United States than any other individual citizen.

This begs the question – why?

It appears that his true intentions are to control meat consumption by forcing livestock owners off their land and replacing it with “fake meat.”

To support this notion, he has called on wealthy nations to switch entirely to artificial beef while leaving real meat for poorer countries such as Africa.

In an interview with MIT Technology Review, Gates stated how people should eat in order for his plan to succeed while also suggesting governmental compulsion may be necessary if people do not comply voluntarily.

In addition to being detrimental to our environment, this scheme of synthetic meats poses a serious threat to human health as well.

Since synthetic meats are made from animal cells in laboratories, they lack essential nutrients required for healthy living and can cause long-term harm if consumed regularly.

So why would someone like Bill push for something like synthetic meat when not even consuming it himself?

Well it all comes down to money…lots and lots of money!

While we don’t know exactly what his motivations are behind advocating synthetics over real food sources, one thing is certain – greed plays a big part in this equation.

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