The Staggering Amount of Election Fraud Cases Still Pending

And this is just Texas. Proponents have been saying “massive fraud” for a reason, there’s a lot of it.  It will take time for all those cases to wind their way through the courts and legal process. The SCOTUS justices refused to hear Trump’s case. None of them wants to be the one to tell Democrats they can’t be in power anymore because there’s overwhelming evidence.

So. Much. Fraud

Anybody awake that night saw it. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced an enormous amount of court cases, over 500, on one thing alone that were waiting to be heard – election fraud.

One out of many people involved has been arrested for election fraud in 2018. Monica Mendez is facing several charges, among them illegal voting, unlawfully assisting a voter and unlawful possession of ballots.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott

Is pursuing laws to reduce the fraud. “I fully expect to have a session where we will pass an election integrity bill as well as bail reform,” Abbott proclaimed. “Those are both needed and they both must pass.”

A special legislative session is due July 8 in which Paxton said this concern will be heard. “We will prosecute voter fraud every time we find it. Currently, our office has over 500 cases waiting to be heard in court. Voter fraud is real. Texans deserve to know their vote is legally and securely counted.”

Overwhelming cases

It may take many cases instead of just one to point out the massive amount of voter fraud. There have been arrests but not many are public.

One in particular was somebody apparently known for not being on the level. Ballot harvester Rachel Rodriguez was caught on Project Veritas video and questioned. It was reported that “In an uncharacteristic moment of honesty, Rodriguez acknowledged on video that what she was doing is illegal and that she could go to jail for it.”

Democrats need fraud to stay in power

Paxton explained in January, “Many continue to claim that there’s no such thing as election fraud. We’ve always known that such a claim is false and misleading, and today we have additional hard evidence. This is a victory for election integrity and a strong signal that anyone who attempts to defraud the people of Texas, deprive them of their vote, or undermine the integrity of elections will be brought to justice. The shocking and blatantly illegal action documented by Project Veritas demonstrates a form of election fraud my office continually investigates and prosecutes. I am fiercely committed to ensuring the voting process is secure and fair throughout the state, and my office is prepared to assist any Texas county in combating this insidious, un-American form of fraud.”

Paxton’s office is winning cases. In May the Democrat party tried to reinstate “pop-up voting”. In March, the court ordered penalties on the attorneys at Perkins Coie, a firm representing the DNC for trying to clog things up. They submitted redundant and misleading supplemental filings to try to reinstate straight ticket voting.

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