New Election Fraud Evidence Emerges Out of Arizona

This should never happen again, correct. But what about the 2020 election? Are we going to continue forward on a fraudulent election? Or will the Democrats make sure we continue forward on a fraud? They want one party rule to the point of working on making the District of Columbia a state and adding more Supreme Court seats. If the law means nothing, the United States is gone. We are now a banana republic.

There was massive levels of fraud

Voting machines should never have been used. Trump managing to punch through the political machine was a fluke. The only people who took him seriously were the people who elected him. COVID was the best thing to have happened for the Democrats.

At 1:30 am the day after election day, the counting was halted. The Democrats needed to know how many more votes they needed to manufacture. Trump was leading at that time.

Fraud was on paper ballots

As well. The adjudication process is such that the machine doesn’t understand who the person voted for so a human has to look at it and decide who the voter intended to vote for. Fraud can happen here too.

A lot of things happened. The machines and the Democrats intentionally caused the chaos. Votes even came in via airplane and via Mexico!

Fraud everywhere

At least Sidney Powell had mountains of sworn testimony. It’s good that there’s a little testimony on YouTube and Twitter but for how long? Both of those entities have regularly removed and canceled information detrimental to the Democrats. And will an official look at it and pronounce fraud occurred, thus negating the election and calling for another one? Or will said official be canceled?

This has happened before and not all that long ago but that may have been scrubbed from the internet because the error was corrected. Democrats don’t want to do that. That’s one of the huge reasons all courts are throwing the cases out. The evidence is damning enough so they don’t dare allow it.

Don’t necessarily need a fine tooth comb

To find the massive amounts of fraud but it will show just how much there was. Full forensic audits are in order. There should be reviewers, one from each party. One eighth of the ballots were going to adjudication. That’s a lot. Alternative controls should have been implemented.

Linda Brickman’s testimony in the YouTube video was warned in at least one place that if she continued to bring up what was going on, she’d be silenced. People in all places have been threatened. Trump needed to be removed without being assassinated.  Assassination may have started a war.

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