Trump Warned Everyone and Now It’s Happening Just Like He Said it Would

With President Trump out of office Democrats are moving quickly to ensure that another serious challenge the D.C. swamp becomes impossible. Congressional Democrats are already introducing legislation which will expand the Supreme Court from nine justices to thirteen. The Biden Administration has indicated that it will support the court packing power grab as a means of neutralizing a Supreme Court which contains multiple Trump appointed justices.

The Trump Court neutralized

The courts were a major concern with many Republicans over the course of Trump presidency. Many skeptical Republicans were won over by the knowledge that a President Trump would likely be given the power to appoint several new justices to the Supreme Court.

Trump indeed received the opportunity to appoint three new associate justices. Justices Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett all survived contentious confirmation processes to gain their seats on the court.

While the dedication of these justices to opposing Democrats in their consolidation of power was already somewhat questionable, now it appears that all of the efforts to appoint new conservative justices were in vain.

Republicans and independents who voted against Trump in the 2020 election presumably felt secure in doing so because of the apparently solid conservative presence on the Supreme Court.

Many Americans may have assumed that the Court would serve as a check against the left and all would return to “normalcy” in American politics.

Biden and the Democrats are, however, smart enough to know that this is their chance to seize complete control over all branches of the federal government and they are happy to take it.Trump

Democrats consolidate their power

If the Democrats are successful in expanding the Supreme Court to thirteen justices they will likely never be dislodged from power again.

With the courts retroactively legalizing every radical move they make, Democrats will be unassailable. The Constitution will become whatever the left decides it ought to be.

Republicans in Congress may temporarily stall the court packing attempt but it is clear that Democrats are willing to throw out the old rules and do whatever it takes to prevent the rise of another Donald Trump.

Americans who were offended or annoyed enough by the brash rhetoric of President Trump to vote against him will soon see the fruits of their vote in an iron fisted rule over all three branches of government by the far left.

Democrats obviously are playing to win in D.C. and no convention or tradition of the American political system will be allowed to stand in their way.

With an absolute liberal majority on the Supreme Court now in sight, every freedom cherished by the American people may soon be at risk.

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