REPORT: These 6 Liberal Judges are Allowing Criminals to Freely Murder 110+ People

If you know that your dog has a habit of mauling people and you still choose to repeatedly unleash him and point him in the general direction of your neighbor, who gets the blame? Now imagine that you are a judge and instead of a dog you have a violent criminal. This is the moral quandary facing a number of American judges, who have each enabled an impressive number of murders by freeing dangerous criminals and sending them back to the streets.

Judges let killers go free

Six specific criminal district court judges in Texas have each been responsible for enabling at least six murders by allowing violent criminals to go free on bond.

Judge Lori Chambers-Gray has given bonds to at least nine individuals who have gone on to kill after being set free .

In a recent Philadelphia case a violently unstable criminal with a record of carjacking, kidnapping, and assault had his bail reduced from $200,000 to $12,000 by Judge Charles Hayden.

The man then proceeded to murder a 25 year old man who was walking his dog just days after being set free by Judge Hayden.

The judges in Houston have enabled 110 killings by releasing dangerous felons on low bail. This number of victims is far higher than the average mass shooting or serial killer spree and it has received practically no coverage from liberal media.

While the media fixates on criminals who are shot by police, no attention at all is devoted to the many law abiding citizens who are being murdered with the help of these judges.

Judge Charles Hayden

Courts enabling murders

One could ask how these corrupt judges sleep at night but evidently they feel no regret at all for the lives they have destroyed.

Chambers-Gray and Hayden repeatedly make a point of sending criminals back to the streets on minimal bail and they  do so with a full understanding of what will likely happen when these felons are introduced back into society.

At this point it can only be assumed that these judges are intentionally seeking to kill law abiding American citizens. No amount of ignorance could excuse the scale of the murder sprees they have encouraged.

The judges assume that they will face no consequences for their actions and with the full cooperation of the leftist media they are likely correct in that assumption.

While justice may have to wait, the actions of these judges will be a matter of public record. Their betrayal of the citizens who trust them to keep dangerous criminals off of the streets will continue to be a noticeable blight on the American justice system.

The media is always thrilled to blame a single death on white Americans or the police as a whole. In reality, it appears that the blood is on other hands.

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