Even Microsoft executives were uncomfortable with the emails Bill Gates sent to subordinates while he was leading the company, according to the latest reports. Gates has been criticized publicly for his relationship with Jeffery Epstein and his behavior towards employees at Microsoft. The high profile divorce between Bill and Melinda Gates has renewed scrutiny and brought new attention to allegations from former employees.

Gates warned about emails

Bill Gates, currently visiting London, was met in that city by a large crowd calling for him to be arrested. Gates is unlikely to receive a friendlier reception in the United States.

While they did nothing substantive about it for years, Microsoft executives were aware of Gates’ habit of sending “inappropriate” emails to female employees.

Gates apparently used his position at Microsoft to seek extramarital affairs. Between this and the friendliness with Epstein it isn’t hard to see why Melinda wanted an end to the marriage.

Many former employees have described the unpleasantness of Gates as a boss in general, describing him as an arrogant and rude figure who kept lawyers on hand to intimidate subordinates.

The emails were apparently part of his usual pattern of abusing his position to pursue affairs with Microsoft employees.

Most of these employees seem to have turned him down but Gates was ultimately fired in 2019 after knowledge of one affair became public.

Crumbling public image

The Microsoft board seems to have done little at the time aside from urging Gates to stop sending inappropriate emails which could spark legal troubles.

Once news of his extensive relationship with Epstein became known Microsoft was forced to look into some of the other allegations against its founder.

Gates has squirmed under even mild pressure from the media to explain his relationship with the notorious predator and blackmailer Epstein.

He has presented that relationship as a simple mistake motivated by his desire to raise money for charitable endeavors which Epstein had suggested that he might be able to support.

The emails that got him into trouble at Microsoft indicate that there may have been much more going on during the period in which Gates and Epstein courted each other’s friendship.

With more details of his questionable behavior slowly but steadily becoming public knowledge, those calls to arrest Bill Gates might get a little more serious.

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