Bill Gates Dark and Sinister Past Begins to Surface

The very public divorce between Bill and Melinda Gates is continuing to bring up allegations about questionable past behavior from Bill. While tabloid attention has latched on to the drama surrounding the end of the famous marriage, former employees and associates are increasingly telling stories about the dark side of the powerful Microsoft founder and his decades of extreme wealth.

Gates accused of preying on employees

Gates was apparently very enthusiastic about forcing his employees into nondisclosure agreements to ensure that word of his behavior did not spread to the public.

Employees report, however, that Gates was an extremely unpleasant and condescending employer; as a boss they say that he was impatient and rude with his subordinates.

Unprofessional behavior in the workplace extended further than this for Bill, who reportedly did little to hide the fact that he was actively pursuing extramarital affairs at his workplace.

Gates allegedly preyed on his employees habitually; his pursuit of inappropriate relationships with his subordinates was an open secret at Microsoft according to some employees.

With a team of aggressive lawyers on hand to pressure targets into nondisclosure agreements and then ruthlessly enforce them, the rumors generally did little damage until 2019.

In that year, Microsoft opened an investigation into specific allegations from 2000. Gates quickly stepped down from the board of directors, though he claimed that this resignation had nothing to do with the allegations.

Extent of Epstein connections still unclear

With the massive amounts he has spent on philanthropy, Bill Gates has worked hard to cultivate a public image of generosity and kindness.

Under the surface, however, the cracks have always been visible for those who wanted to dig beyond the public persona.

Tension in the marriage between Bill and Melinda had allegedly been present long before the divorce, which indicates that Melinda knew something of her husband’s extramarital affairs.

The alleged final catalyst for the divorce, however, came with the exposure of the relationship between Bill Gates and the notorious pedophile Jeffery Epstein.

While the extent of the relationship between the two remains unknown, Gates became acquainted with Epstein after his crimes were public knowledge and reportedly even confided in him about the state of his marriage.

As momentum continues to build and more evidence emerges to support the allegations against Bill Gates, the Microsoft founder may be more reliant than ever on those aggressive lawyers.

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