Explosive Report About Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein

The relationship between Bill Gates and Jeffery Epstein seems to have been even closer than previously reported. New reports claim that Gates extensively courted Epstein due to, among other motives, his belief that he could help him with his ambition to win a Nobel Prize. The desire to win a Nobel Prize is, according to people close to him, an obsession for Gates, one which was powerful enough to convince him to overlook everything he knew about Epstein.

Gates and Epstein closer than reported

News that Gates and his longtime wife Melinda are divorcing has placed Gates under intense public scrutiny after an already controversial year for one of the wealthiest men in the world.

Now a source close to Gates and his wife claims that one major source of friction between the two was the close relationship between Gates and the known pedophile Jeffery Epstein.

Though Gates has denied any connection to Epstein, evidence has increasingly pointed to a series of connections between the two wealthy individuals which were far more extensive than what Bill Gates would like the world to think.

Gates claimed in 2019 that he had never had any business relationship or friendship with the powerful predator at all, a claim which has been convincingly exposed as a lie.

Gates conducted a business relationship with Epstein long after his reputation as a notorious sexual predator had become public knowledge.

This portion of the relationship was supposedly centered around hopes that Epstein would be able to aid in both fundraising for philanthropic endeavors and in helping to secure a Nobel Prize for Gates.

How close were they?

Beyond this, however, Gates reportedly confided in Epstein about the state of his marriage to Melinda, who understandably is said to have been not happy about her husband having any dealings with the notorious pedophile.

The full extent of the relationship between Epstein and Gates is likely still not known, though reports are constantly implying more and more connections between the two.

If Gates was interested enough in Epstein to risk further damaging what was supposedly already an unstable marriage, what else could he have been deriving from the connection?

The fact that Epstein was regarded as a route to securing a Nobel Prize also speaks to the perception of the wealthy predator within the circles of the rich and powerful at the time.

Epstein did not, in the end, get a Nobel Prize for Gates. Still, the fact that courting him was considered to be a reliable avenue for putting oneself in the running speaks volumes about the power Epstein had in these circles.

The public may never know just how extensive the web of influence centered around Jeffery Epstein was. For now at least, evidence continues to pile up against Gates in spite of his denials.

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