Developing Story: Multi-State Manhunt

A manhunt for a suspect linked to multiple murders in South Carolina and Missouri continues to occupy authorities across several states. Tyler Terry is thought to have committed at least four murders so far, including a double murder in St. Louis that was seemingly committed at random. Terry is thought to be still on the run somewhere within Chester County, South Carolina. Authorities say that he is still presumed to be armed and dangerous.

Multi-state murder spree

Authorities in South Carolina are working to link a number of additional crimes to Tyler Terry and Adrienne Simpson, a woman who had been accompanying him.

The body of Eugene O’Brien Simpson, former husband of Adrienne, was discovered in a ditch in Chester County on May 20. Simpson had been missing since May 2 and his death has been ruled a homicide.

On the night of May 15 Terry and Adrienne Simpson committed two more murders in St. Louis, Missouri, in both cases the elderly victims were shot during robberies as they approached their cars.

The manhunt has been ongoing since these murders which were determined to have been committed by the same individual through ballistic evidence and surveillance footage.

By May 17 the pair had returned to South Carolina, where they were pulled over by officers and a shootout began which resulted in Terry fleeing from the scene on foot.

Adrienne Simpson was arrested at the scene and is now being charged as an accessory to at least one of the murders, with more charges expected.

Not exactly Bonnie and Clyde

Manhunt enters 4th day

The manhunt will likely uncover additional crimes committed by the pair in the other states through which they passed on their drives between South Carolina and Missouri, according to authorities.

The pair has been described by St. Louis police as a “modern-day version of Bonnie and Clyde,” a comparison which appears to be rather insulting to Bonnie and Clyde.

Authorities have stated their intention to prosecute anyone suspected of helping Terry, who was last seen in Chester County on May 20.

Officially the manhunt is now on day 4. Chester County residents have been advised to keep their doors locked and be prepared to inform police of any suspicious activity or sightings of Tyler Terry.

Terry is described as a black male in his mid twenties. Among the murder victims in St. Louis were a doctor and a 70 year old woman, both of whom were white.

The story of  Tyler Terry is, given his record, likely to end in violence. We will be anxiously awaiting the official BLM reaction to the conclusion of this manhunt.

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