Thugs Shoot Loot and Riot in Minneapolis to Prove Black Lives Matter More Than Anything Else

Minneapolis continues to descend into anarchy as BLM violence shows no sign of slowing down. Rioters spent a fourth night ignoring curfews and threatening violence and destruction. While former officer Kim Potter has been arrested and charged for the death of Daunte Wright, who was shot while resisting arrest, the situation has not calmed at all in the Minneapolis area. Thousands of additional National Guard members are being assembled in an effort to impose order.

A fourth night of unrest

The uneasy Winter calm which settled on Minneapolis appears to be definitively finished now as tensions in the troubled city rise with the temperature.

Protesters had already begun to descend on the area for the ongoing trial of Derek Chauvin. The situation was thus perfectly set to explode upon the death of Daunte Wright.

Authorities have heavily fortified the site of the Chauvin trial, evidently anticipating widespread violence if the results are unsatisfactory for the mob outside.

Minneapolis has struggled to understand how the city is to both abolish policing and protect government buildings from being looted and burned.

The death of Wright certainly came at the worst possible time and in the worst possible circumstances for the beleaguered city government, which already faced a volatile and dangerous situation.

A repeat of the devastation of the 2020 riots appears to be almost inevitable now as the two cases collide.

Minneapolis prepares to explode again

A significant amount of looting and property destruction has already occurred in the days since the death of Wright at the hands of Potter.

Rioters earlier this week targeted liquor stores and a Wal-Mart, among others, for very thorough bouts of looting and destruction.

The unrest on the night of  April 14, however, was primarily centered around the Brooklyn Center police station. Projectiles were thrown by both protesters and police as the two sides faced each other through a fence.

The crowd refused orders to disperse and made occasional attempts to break through the fence, leading to 24 arrests and the use of pepper sprays and gas canisters from the police.

Overall there was less violence and destruction than there have been on previous nights. Both Brooklyn Center and Minneapolis proper seemed to be experiencing a period of calm before the storm.

With tensions continuing to boil, though, it may be only a matter of time before the situation explodes once again into chaos and burning.

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