Hundreds of Top Executives Join the Web of Lies Created By Democrats

Hundreds of CEOs and other corporate leaders have confirmed their allegiance to the Democrats by signing a collective statement attacking Georgia for the “voter suppression” lie. Google, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and the rest of the global corporate hegemony had the gall to publish a statement titled “We Stand for Democracy.” Most of the largest corporations in America and the world have signed the statement, effectively representing an endorsement of the Democrats and their policies in Georgia.

Corporations attack Georgia

Noted defenders of freedom Target, Starbucks, and Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett were among the other who joined in condemning Georgia Republicans.

Corporations, Democrats, and the media have rallied unanimously against the Georgia voting laws, which are accused of suppressing minority votes and restricting rights.

The new laws require voters to have a photo ID when voting absentee. A wide variety of forms of ID are acceptable under the legislation, including cards which can be easily obtained from the state for free.

This is the allegedly heinous requirement which the neoliberal alliance feels so strongly about and what they have spent weeks attempting to stir up outrage for.

The Wall Street Journal and New York Times, among others, published the statement, which boasted more than 300 signatories and was spearheaded by a former CEO of American Express.

Typically self-important Hollywood celebrities including George Clooney, Larry David, and Leonardo DiCaprio joined in signing the statement to further scold normal Americans.Democrats

Democrats protect their ability to rig elections

Requiring a person voting in an election to prove that they are actually entitled to a vote in this country is, one would think, a fairly basic expectation for a state which cares about making sure that elections are fair.

What Democrats and Corporations are fighting for in Georgia is, effectively, their right to flood elections with an unlimited number of anonymous absentee ballots. There is no other reasonable explanation for the amount of venom which has been directed at Georgia.

It would seem to be common sense that someone casting a supposedly sacred democratic vote should at least be able to show an easily obtained ID which confirms that they are not committing voting fraud.

The kind of person who is unable to do this is, anyway, the sort of person who perhaps should not be voting at all. The fact that Democrats and their allies demand the ability to lead these sorts to the polls says much about their actual priorities.

Leftists hope that sheer inertia will be enough to destroy the Georgia voting laws. By bringing together so much money and attention they know that millions of Americans will be won over without even looking into what the Georgia laws are for themselves.

For a party which has historically claimed to be for the common man, Democrats seem to be very happy to have such an impressive array of massive corporations and liberal elites rallying against the people of Georgia and their desire for fair elections.

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