You are Now Guilty Until Proven Innocent By BLM

For BLM, the media, and the city government of Brooklyn Center in Minnesota, guilty until proven innocent would be the new norm except that no one is to be even given a chance to prove their innocence. Police have been forced to fortify the home of former officer Kim Potter in an effort to fend off a BLM lynch mob which hopes to punish Potter for the recent shooting of Daunte Wright during an escape attempt which turned deadly.

Neighbors flee in terror

Police erected concrete barriers and fences around the suburban home of Kim Potter amid ongoing violence and looting from rioters in and around Minneapolis.

Potter is presumably at the top of the target list for BLM for firing the shot that killed Wright during a traffic stop in which it was discovered that an outstanding warrant for Wright existed.

While the investigation into the shootings has hardly even begun, the attack on Potter was immediate. The officer was rapidly forced to resign from the police department.

Simply acknowledging that officer Potter should be entitled to due process has been enough to turn other local officials into pariahs.

Potter, who has now been charged with manslaughter, is not at the home but neighbors still fear for their lives and property, with many allegedly fleeing the area to escape from the mob.

With evidently nothing sufficient to appease the rampaging mob so far, neighbors continue to fear the results of an attack on the area and the degree to which police would actually be allowed to defend anything.

BLM claims another scalp

The assault on Potter has been just as vicious as was the attack on Derek Chauvin, whose trial is simultaneously raising tensions in the area.

Both officers have been rapidly deserted by their superiors and offered up as a sacrifice to the mob. Minnesota appears to have decided that guilty is the default status of anyone other than actual felons and looters.

With the local government apparently openly opposed to giving due process to Kim Potter, there is no telling how far the BLM rioters will aim to take their revenge.

Being a police officer in the Minneapolis area appears to be an increasingly hazardous occupation. Anyone remotely related to policing is at risk of being targeted from all sides in 2021.

Rather than rallying together and showing any solidarity against the mob, however, the standard procedure in Minnesota seems to involve turning on colleagues and subordinates in a desperate attempt to delay the inevitable.

Every day the situation in Minneapolis continues to slide into chaos and anarchy. For now, there is apparently no higher law in the land than the will of BLM.

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