2 Vandals Caught on Camera, Then Store Owner Begins Receiving Threatening Calls

Trump Derangement Syndrome manifests itself in a number of ways, one of which is vandalism. As much as the store owner would love to talk, that’s the point. People that hate Trump don’t want to talk. It’s why so many people don’t display Trump signs, but our voices are heard loud and clear at the ballot box. The behavior from those who disagree is cowardly, among other things.

The store owner has never been vandalized

Andres Cabo of Lighting Paradise in South Florida found his security cameras catching two vandals in the act. He’s been in business with beautiful chandeliers for almost 30 years.

“It’s unusual to have somebody — because I’ve been doing this every election cycle for nearly 30 years, and it’s unusual for have somebody on the property and deface the signs and vandalize them. It’s really, totally unnecessary. It’s really not the American way,” Cabo remarked.

The owner doesn’t understand why people won’t talk

“Like President Trump or don’t like President Trump, we should all have the freedom to express ourselves. It’s not only constitutional, but it’s our God-given right. We are all Americans,” Cabo explained.

When conservatives talk, we make sense. It’s not uncommon quiet one-on-one conversation finds we might actually agree on many things. Or a life changing situation causes a liberal to think a different way.

The owner has received threats

“I think the division has become too passionate. We can always agree to disagree. That’s the American way. I think the definition of politics is literally having to be able to discuss and debate without any violence or doing anything illegal,” Cabo stressed.

Threats have been via phone and email. Cabo has a message for the vandals, “We should all tolerate our free will of expression and different thoughts. That’s what makes this country unique and special. That’s why millions of people literally risk their lives to come and live here and be able to grab on to the American Dream.”

Whether the vandals will listen is another story.

  1. As we all can see in the news everyday the delusional democrats don’t want to talk . if they did , they would see just how stupid they act with the stupid BS they do . They can’t back down now they went to far to the left to back down . They just don’t know how to stop at this point . The old saying go’s … you can’t fix stupid . This they prove everyday . Best way to talk to them is with a baseball bat upside the head . They can’t think that far ahead to reason out any real clear thoughts as to why their acting so damn retarded . So don’t waste your time trying

  2. The Owner should realize peace and respect can only come from people with brains something the LIBERAL IDIOTS of this world have none of.

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