Deadly Shooting Situation at Amazon

Employees at the Amazon fulfillment center in Jacksonville, Florida, were startled by gunfire, but the deadly shooting incident was over almost as soon as it started – with two bodies on the floor, one still breathing. The situation is under ongoing investigation.

Second shooting at same Amazon building

A 22-year-old woman is dead and a man fighting for his life after it appears that one of them went postal at the Amazon “fulfillment center” in Jacksonville, Florida, on Tuesday evening. Police aren’t confirming motivation or details of what happened but speculation abounds that it was a domestic relationship gone bad, which resulted in an attempted murder-suicide. Three months ago a 20-year-old man applying for a job was fatally shot at the same center in a totally unrelated incident. While waiting in line outside the Amazon warehouse the victim was killed and two bystanders were “grazed by bullets but did not require hospitalization” in a drive by ambush.

Police are playing their investigation close to the vest while they sort out exactly what happened. Some Amazon employees heard gunshots and called 911. Lieutenant J.D. Stronko with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office held a news conference to explain as much as he can about what happened next.

Deputies were dispatched to the reports of shots fired at Amazon on 7:24 p.m. ET Tuesday. “When they entered, they found a female victim and a male victim with gunshot wounds.” The “22-year-old female victim died on the scene and the male victim was transported to a hospital.” His condition isn’t known but he didn’t have minor wounds.

Not an ‘active shooter’ incident

According to the lieutenant, once they arrived at the Amazon facility, they quickly realized that any potential active shooter situation was over. The weapon was recovered with the bodies. Business was disrupted to investigate the scene and interrogate “multiple witnesses.” Officials did relate that “There were some indications there may be a domestic relationship between the two parties but it’s too soon to release any exact details.”

It’s a pretty safe bet that both the victims are Amazon Employees. Police, fire, and rescue vehicles were all over the scene but mostly not required. Police specifically “would not say if the shooting was a murder-suicide, saying it was too soon to tell. Nor would investigators release which victim was the shooter or how a weapon got into the facility.”

A spokesperson for Amazon notes that the building was immediately evacuated when the shooting began. “This is a terrible tragedy,” Lisa Levandowski empathizes. “Our thoughts are with the victims and their families, and all those who have been impacted by this incident. We are working closely with the sheriff as they investigate.”

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