18yr Old Son Betrays Family, Turns in Father to the Feds

A son who turned his father in to the FBI for his participation in the January 6 protest has not quite gotten the results he’d hoped for. Then 18-year-old Jackson Reffitt reported his father to the feds after he returned from Washington D.C. and Guy Reffitt was quickly arrested and remains in jail. He has pleaded not guilty to the charges he faces and remains in jail with the rest of the January 6 prisoners awaiting trial.

Son reports father for January 6 involvement

Ironically, the one family member who has not shunned Jackson Reffitt for reporting his father to the FBI is Guy himself, who told ABC News from jail “That’s my son. I love my son. I will always love my son.”

Jackson’s mother and sisters evidently want nothing to do with him for now and he admits that he is responsible for having torn his family apart.

He feels some guilt for this and for what he feels to be a “radicalization” undergone by his father in jail, but there seems to be no regret for the betrayal itself.

Jackson described his father as a psychopath for admitting that he has no regrets about January 6. The younger Reffitt, however, apparently feels no regret either for reporting his father to the feds.

The now 19-year-old Jackson expected to be treated as a hero by the liberal media, which is why he turned his father in. To some extent, his deed has been cheered by leftists.

Mostly, however, the situation has not panned out as Jackson had hoped. Now that he’s had his 15 minutes he will be left with the reality that no one, on either side, is really willing to trust someone like him.

Feds encouraging paranoia

The FBI has actively encouraged people to snitch and give up their friends and family. Sometimes they do it for money, sometimes for fame, and sometimes just to show off their unwavering loyalty to the regime.

Jackson followed in the best traditions of the Soviet Union, in which children who reported their parents for insufficient loyalty to the party were lauded as heroes and role models.

Regardless of what Guy did or what one thinks of January 6, this should not be the kind of country where people inform on their spouses and parents.

The FBI and other arms of the regime want the story of Guy and Jackson Reffitt to serve as a reminder to all Americans that they can no longer trust the people close to them.

The federal government hopes to create a society of paranoid and frightened people who find it safer to keep their views to themselves.

It won’t just be real criminals that suffer the consequences of this climate; normal people will be losing jobs, families, and livelihoods over politically incorrect remarks to people they think they can trust.

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