Pandemic 2.0 Incoming

You know when there’s an election coming when another variant makes its appearance. Conservatives know better. The pharmaceutical companies, the propaganda media and the Democrats know their roles. Americans remember the closed schools, closed churches, closed businesses, and countless people losing their careers for standing against government mandates in the original pandemic.

The pandemic worked for Biden

So it makes sense he’d go for it again. He campaigned from his basement. Since Trump is winning so well in the polls, a new pandemic needs to be discovered to start up the mail-in ballots.

Because of all this, there are still doubts of the last election. Biden was asked about the new variant and he was on point.

Take your places for the next pandemic

“I signed off this morning on a proposal we have to present to Congress a request for additional funding for a new vaccine that is necessary, that works.” Here comes another unknown millions going toward the overblown crisis that earned the nickname “scamdemic”.

Natalie Winter of “War Room” recently spoke on a podcast hosted by former Trump advisor Steve Bannon. She talked about government contracts that spent millions on equipment and test kits.

The pandemic was a scam

Reuters reported that the Big Pharma companies are gearing up to save the day with a new vaccine. Another plus for a second pandemic is it might distract from Biden’s terrible record. We’ll need to focus on pandemic management instead of him.

It will give the establishment media something new to talk about. Ratings and maybe revenue from pharmaceutical companies should increase. It’s unknown what the public response will be. Biden’s job performance approval numbers are only 39%. Americans need to remember the abuses that happened at all levels, clear from federal to local and state jurisdictions. Have we learned and seen enough to refuse to do it again?

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