Joe Biden Educatin Secretary Betsy DeVos resigns

Biden’s attempt at a Covid Stimulus…Raise Taxes

Now it’s a case of watching the news to see where to brace and protect yourself as much as possible. The Banana Republic has begun, the Constitution has become toilet paper. Democrats will make up their own rules. Taxes were promised, taxes will be delivered. Many small businesses across the land have already been destroyed by COVID. That’s the backbone of America.

Taxes after a stimulus

Is worthless. You appear to give money only to take that same money away tenfold later. And Democrats will praise the plan up and down.

Any companies that came back to America need to heavily invest again in that satellite office you left in another country. Top earners are going to be taxed almost 40%. Biden’s Build Back Better plan will take from the wealthy. Obama 2.0.

The taxes will bail out Democrat states

Democrats shouldn’t be concerned about anything. Their Trojan horse is now in power, anything can go through. Nothing will cripple Biden’s presidency.

Money will be used for local and state aid and vaccinations. This will all pass with a simple majority. No need for a filibuster of over 60 votes.

You’ll be taxed and you’ll love your taxes

Thank you sir, may I have another? Taxes will be included in a liability plan the GOP wants to shield business from the many COVID lawsuits waiting.

Republican lawmakers will cooperate if they want to keep their cushy new jobs. Otherwise you maybe given the Michael Flynn treatment.

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