Seattle Police Chief Waves the Bird and Walks Out The Door

She was totally professional about it. But when Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best resigned on Tuesday, a single day after her department’s budget was stripped of funding, everybody knew it was meant to flip a symbolic middle finger – as she walked out the door- at the liberal anarchists mismanaging the city.

Seattle has no need for law enforcement

The anarchist paradise of Seattle, Washington, has declared law and order a thing of the past so the city’s Chief of Police decided to take her badge to another city, where they do enforce the laws. On Tuesday, Chief Carmen Best handed in her resignation. All police are good for, liberals insist, is racial bias and violence.

It came as a surprise, so Best’s exodus “marked one of the most notable big-city police department shakeups,” Reuters reports. Since the May 25 alleged death of George Floyd, riots and looting have been rampant in liberal run cities, including Seattle. All across the country, George Soros inspired and funded radicals are screaming to “defund” the police. They think that social workers are better prepared to deal with the situation – when a 350 pound schizophrenic gets hold of some “spice,” rips off their clothes and starts terrorizing a neighborhood with long sharp cutlery.

Laws are a thing of the past in Seattle, so Chief Best is stepping aside to keep from preventing progress. “Out of this challenge will spring new hope for a better future for all,” she declared in her parting news conference. “I trust everyone will find a way to work together and put aside personal conflicts, political grandstanding, and power plays.”

She wasn’t even in the loop

One of the biggest reasons that the top Seattle cop went walking is because they wouldn’t even keep her in the loop or seek her input on critical administrative decisions, even ones affecting her department. The 55-year-old Chief Best, according to Reuters, “cited the council’s decision not to consult her more thoroughly ahead of the cuts, which will force the layoff of about 100 officers, as a major factor in her decision.” Representatives of the Black Lives Matter now hold the keys to the city.

By a vote of 7-1 on Monday, the Seattle City Council decided to purge $3.5 million from the police departments budget, “while investing $17 million in community safety programs.” As an extra insult, “Monday’s city council action reduced Best’s annual salary by $10,000.” By the time they get done training social workers to do the job of police, they’ll have police. They don’t see it that way though. They need social workers, not police, to deal with the “addiction, mental illness and homelessness.” those are the reasons the police are putting people behind bars. Their citizens of color aren’t criminals just because they steal or murder.

Council President Lorena González called Monday’s vote a “down-payment for future potential reductions” to the department’s budget. They’ll just give guns to Seattle child welfare workers and daycare inspectors. Anything, liberals insist, to stop the “growing militarization of law enforcement” is a good thing. They forget that it’s the police who are called when the anarchists get out of control and start setting things on fire or holding shootouts in the street. Attorney General William Barr weighed in on the issue and called Best’s resignation a “lesson to state and local leaders about the real costs of irresponsible proposals to defund the police.”

  1. My only thought is I wonder what the name of the first social justice warrior mental health worker will be who gets gutted or shot when they roll up on a domestic, or a meth head shooting up a pharmacy.

  2. Who you gonna call? Ghost busters Anti gonna come. America let’s liberals destroying America stop voting DemoEvilCrats.

  3. The people of Seattle elected these Bozos and will get what they deserve. When the Anarchists burn Seattle to the ground, the former Police Chief will be able to say, “I told you so.”

  4. Seems that when it comes to Insurrection Act time, the President is going to have to empty out Seattle’s city hall, too.

  5. I moved from Greater New York to Greater Seattle in 1978. MY high school daughter hated ir, the middle school girl accepted it and the youngest blended in pretty well. I liked it and my wife was ready to return to New York.

    I had a couple of detectives that played pool with me and another officer living nearby. I retired and eventually moved to the Midwest after I lost my wife in an accident. Seattle had changed, both culturally and politically.

    People should have been happy when a woman of color made it to the top in the police department, but Black Lies Matter and they degraded law enforcement. Sadly, I know that it will get worse.

  6. Funny tho how the BLM and their racists white boys never hit any mayors or governors homes . Just the less able homes . If they want the good stuff they need to up their game and hit the rich homes of the delusional democrats mayors and governors . There’s where the really good stuff is . They have the better freezers and the best ice cream in their 4 millon dollar homes . But then I guess the pets never bite the hand that feeds them . Always back the police , never know when you will need one to back you

  7. We are living in the end times, without a doubt. Everyone better get their traveling clothes on as this lawlessness like in no other time is upon this country. It is one of many things going on at the same time that are signs of the end time.

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