Seattle Mayor Goes on Liberal Rant…Sides With Anarchists

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan is absolutely right when she insists “there is no imminent threat of an invasion of Seattle,” because it’s already happened. The American heartland simply can’t believe that she not only allowed her city to be invaded and occupied by anarchists, she’s on their side.

Seattle’s Mayor sides with the anarchists

President Trump is ready to call in the marines to liberate Seattle, Washington, from the socialist invaders and that has Mayor Durkan screaming mad. She’s been ranting non-stop, both to T.V. reporters and on twitter. President Trump’s plan “to send military forces into the city to clear protesters occupying a neighborhood” would be “unconstitutional and illegal,” she believes. She may want to consult an attorney on that.

Reporters at her press conference were left wondering “how or when authorities would remove the roughly 500 demonstrators who have established a makeshift encampment behind barricades in the Capitol Hill district.” Chief of Police Carmen Best was ordered to stand down by city officials so the “children of darkness” could storm the East Precinct station.

Best praised her officers for their unwanted efforts to defend their fortress of justice. “You fought for days to protect it, I asked you stand on that line day in and day out to be pelted with projectiles, to be screamed at, threatened and in some cases hurt.” It’s a stab in the back when the Mayor supports the rioters instead. Anarchists were thrilled with all the barricades the retreating police left behind. They put them to good use barricading the streets of their new “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” kingdom from the outside world.

We’re going to go in

One way or another, President Donald Trump asserts, “We’re not going to let this happen in Seattle. If we have to go in, we’re going to go in.” He’s standing back and allowing the governor of Washington state to do his job and deploy the national guard. “Let the governor do it. He’s got great National Guard troops,” the president told reporters. “one way or the other, it’s going to get done. These people are not going to occupy a major portion of a great city.”

What started out allegedly as a response to the murder of George Floyd was quickly inflamed beyond all proportion by organized efforts which made the insurrection go global. Now, in liberal Seattle, anarchy has replaced the rule of law and the lawmakers and the mayor are aiding the anarchists. “What we have been given here is a unique opportunity to see how a police-free zone can be facilitated,” protester David Lewis told a reporter in front of the occupied police building.

“Making this a community or education center would be a momentous and very powerful movement that the city can commit to the lack of police brutality and also an acknowledgment of the debts of the past.” The anarchist ignores the history of the wild west, where it was every man for himself. Back then, the townsfolk couldn’t wait for law and order to protect them from the outlaws, rustlers, and bandits. Now the outlaws get a key to the city handed to them by the mayor.

  1. More proof that Democrats support, defend, encourage and admire their Banditos. If you would like more, vote Democrat.

  2. Seems like we have returned to a Dark Ages mentality in Seattle . When Rome’s power and influence waned , small bands and tribes of barbarians moved in to the vacuum left behind and set up feudal states . These petty barons and warlords lived off of the people for all intents and purposes keeping the surfs in poverty in return for their so called protection . Anarchy leads to more anarchy , warlords begin to war on each other which in turn harms their people even more . This so called leader is crying already about having to feed the homeless and their supplies are now gone . Begging for tents to shelter his followers . Guess this idiot is not as bright or great as he thinks . Some planning was missing during his power grab and attempt at noterity .

    1. Please stop referring to these thugs as “Anarchists”. Real Anarchists do not submit to rule by any warlord or other thug. Actions speak louder than words, and by their actions these fools have revealed themselves as Fascists, pure and simple. Please call them by their rightful name.

  3. Think this through. Let’s say that the Donald sends US Marshalls or some other federal force to displace, arrest, or beat up the punks who “occupy” that six-block area. What then? It would have to go back to city control directly under left-wing whackos like Jenny Durkin. There really would not be any difference. I have a much better and cheaper idea. Just declare the City of Seattle to be an insane asylum under the control of the inmates.

  4. She is nothing more than another coward politician, believing she hasn’t any requirement to fulfill her oath of office, what she was elected for… plus as a bonus.. gets to avoid ‘White Privilege’ accusations, ‘Racist’ claims, get dinner invitations from rich Liberals!

  5. They’ve been allowed, by the mayor and the governor of Washington, to get away with too much for too long. Now, the predatory nature of the black thugs “policing” the area is obvious to those who aren’t too busy screaming and pleading for food and supplies.
    Maybe Trump has decided to let the experiment continue until its inevitable failure; the shame is that none of these criminals–and I include everyone involved in the occupation and destruction–will be punished. Tax money will be used to fix the damage.
    I hope the white punks are “sensitive” and “non-sexist” enough to hold their white girlfriends’ hands as they are raped by the gangs.

  6. This mayor has abdicated her responsibility to the people of Seattle, I can’t believe they elected someone this nonsensical. She and the Governor are both unbelievably thoughtless. Nearly all the terrible situations are in democratic governed states, surely the people will wise up and realize that this is not good for whites or minorities.

  7. Time to send in the scoops ! If you don’t know what they are see the movie Soylent Green . Scoop up all of these Protesters then arrest the Mayor for failing to do her sworn duty to lead and protect the people of her city . And if need be the Govenor as well .

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