Mandela Foundation Calls For More Riots

According to the Nelson Mandela Foundation, “violence can be a rational response to racism.” Burning and looting, they say, is a perfectly reasonable response to the death of George Floyd. Just be sure to pick the right targets they advise. Burning down the CVS and the Dollar store in your own neighborhood doesn’t do nearly as much good as looting an upscale shopping mall in a white neighborhood.

Mandela Foundation endorses ‘violence’

Nelson Mandela is South Africa’s version of George Washington. Their first black leader was also the first one ever actually elected to the job. He had to overthrow their white supremacist oppressors to do it. On Thursday, his legacy foundation advised Antifa to yank off the yoke of oppression here in the United States. For “some communities,” they announce, violence “is the only way to elicit change.” They are telling black Americans not to waste their time with peaceful solutions, just burn the place to the ground.

Nobody is disputing that George Floyd was murdered by four police officers in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Even white Americans are amazed that all four have not yet been charged with first degree premeditated murder. The entire incident is so bizarre it seems to have been staged for maximum effect. Instead of throwing the book at at all four criminals, or stepping back and letting the FBI send them all far up the river, local authorities have only charged one man with second degree murder, and the other three with aiding and abetting.

They still assume these men were acting in the course and scope of their employment, when in fact they were nothing but assassins who had an agenda of their own. Many Americans want to know what in these men’s backgrounds would make them vulnerable to either blackmail or bribery to do what they did. What would cause four men to start a war against all their brothers in blue?

Brian Wells wasn’t part of the plot to rob a bank but things were set up to make it look like he was.

Was George Floyd part of the plot?

One of the things that makes it all seem even more contrived is the speculation that George Floyd may have somehow been in on the scheme. Floyd and Officer Derek Chauvin, the man who held his knee to Floyd’s neck for almost ten minutes, worked together as security guards.

If George Floyd was in on a false flag event, it would keep the other four men from getting the death penalty. That little trick was attempted by the conspirators behind the Erie, Pennsylvania, “Pizza Bomber” case. Brian Wells wasn’t part of the plot to rob a bank but things were set up to make it look like he was.

The foundation “set up to guard the legacy of Nelson Mandela” is on the side of Antifa. Often, they note, violence is “readily dismissed as the work of extremists or criminals, when it can be the result of careful calculation by communities who ‘see that only such action elicits the desired response from the state,'” Reuters writes.


Chose your targets carefully

The foundation gives some handy guidelines for American looters. “When communities are confronted by both resilient structural violence and attacks on their bodies, violent responses will occur.” In other words, “burn down their houses, farms, and villages then kill the men and rape the women.” Just be prepared for the white folks to shoot back. Just as they warn, “violent responses will occur.” It’s all worth it in the end, they promise.

“The use of violence can be rational and carefully targeted,” they explain. It’s not such a good idea to burn down the local dollar store. For maximum effect you need to go to the high dollar shopping districts. That way the things that you manage to smash and grab will buy a lot more on the black market. Sporting goods stores are a lot more fun to shop at when you don’t have to pay for what’s in the cart.

Getting teargassed and shot at are worth it in the long run, they insist. “Violent struggle helped bring an end to a system of segregation and white minority rule in South Africa.” They simply can’t understand how “26 years after the end of apartheid,” America “is still grappling with racial tensions and massive inequality.” The United States, the Mandela Foundation spokesperson moans, “has not yet ensured black lives matter as much as white lives.”

  1. Obama is sweating in his bunker now . . .

    Paul Sperry who presciently wrote in the New York Post: “Obama has an army of agitators––numbering more than 30,000––who will fight his Republican successor at every turn of his historic presidency…and command them from a bunker less than two miles from the White House.”
    “His OFA Washington HQ is now the nerve center that coordinates 250 offices nationwide,” Sperry continued, “which together with its Chicago-based sister organization, the Community Organizing Institute (COI), are planning to facilitate the “training [of] more than 2 million youths in Alinsky street tactics” and carry out plans “to stage 400 rallies across 42 states to attack Trump and Republicans.”

    This is playing out Live on TV today . . .

  2. “Nelson Mandela is South Africa’s version of George Washington.” Somehow, I don’t see Martha Washington acting as Winnie Mandela did, when Nelson was in prison…”necklacing” those who opposed them. If you don’t know what necklacing is, look it up.
    Necklacing is still being practiced in South Africa.

  3. South Africa is where the black majority killed the white minority and now they can’t feed themselves! So if the mandela group wants a replay then the majority should wipe out the minority here just like South Africa, except we can feed ourselves! How’s that work for yah BLM? We the Americans that work for a living are getting tired of the BS from BLM and antifa! Maybe if they disappear things will really kick in!

  4. Having turned the once vibrant nation of South Africa into a crime-ridden pesthole, the Mandela Foundation seeks to do the same for the US.

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