China and Big Pharma Laughing Their Way to the Bank as New Covid Report Comes Out

There are a couple vaccines that need boosters. Tetanus is one. Big Pharma wants to turn this into needing a booster. The opportunity certainly is there. It’s a virus that mutates so we have to have a booster at least annually. There’s potentially a ton of money to be made here so yes, interested entities are probably laughing their way to the bank. It’s easy enough to convince a population that needs to be done.

Big Pharma is ignoring

That the CDC numbers have been manipulated since last year. At one point, the CDC quietly had the correct numbers. COVID had only killed a fraction of the people infected. There’s no reason for the CDC numbers to be correct. The Democrats killed a bill that would have assured accuracy.

Correct, nobody should die from this. The point is that there are so many other deadly diseases that kill many more people but there’s no vaccine available. Anybody remember AIDS? It’s still around and killing people but there’s no vaccine.

Big Pharma ignored variants

Variants are taken into account with normal flu shots and since COVID is also a virus, it’s going to behave the same way. And at that, flu cases are being lumped into COVID numbers. It’s important this virus look bigger than it is.

But the news would have no eyes looking at it if it was business as usual. The flu shot is seasonal, this is normal. But the scary, deadly COVID was “suddenly” discovered to have variants, we need to start boosters for each one.

Pharma and China working together

There’s money to be made, let’s work together. The Sinopharm or Sinovac vaccines were developed in China. It’s a classic case of an entity making up something to be worried about and turning around and selling the cure.

This vaccine showed loss of effectiveness against a new strain found in South Africa. Remember when Trump was cured with a hydroxychloroquine cocktail? That therapeutic and it’s natural equivalents were suddenly declared illegal. Doctors trying to help their patients suddenly had their hands tied. There’s no need for a vaccine when there are simple, inexpensive therapeutic treatments or even cures, but pharma saw an opportunity not only for their pockets but also to get Trump out of office. Pharma is one of so many businesses open to bribes and kickbacks.

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