ANTIFA Members Get The Ever Living Daylights Beat Out of Them

Antifa is going to think twice before setting foot in Yucaipa, California, again. Not every town in the Golden State is liberal. Local citizens didn’t wait for nanny state police. “They just beat the ever-loving snot out of three or four guys.”

Antifa messed with the wrong town

According to conservative columnist Todd Starnes, “a small gang of Antifa thugs” tried to stir up trouble but they “messed with the wrong town.” They don’t like liberal agitators in Yucaipa, California. Not at all. Video shows half the town chasing the looters away.

“They just beat the ever-loving snot out of three or four guys,” an unknown videographer comments. “The Antifa guys are not doing well at all here. They’re getting the **** kicked out of them.” The crowd looted the shirt off one hoodlum’s back and he left a shoe behind as he was chased across a parking lot. “Hey homie,” a local resident yelled. “Here’s your shoe, dog.” The person filming noted, “You can’t come to Yucaipa with this ****.”

Another twitter fan posted, “Here in my hometown of Yucaipa Ca we deal with our own! Armed and posted protecting our city. Antifa was ran out of town as quickly as they came in.”

Conservatives fight back

Conservative homeowners in Yucaipa didn’t have to stoop to the low level of the liberals. Once the Antifa radicals were on the retreat, the town let them go. The video photographer can be heard saying, “We don’t need to follow them, They’ve had enough.”

Another neighbor notes that they may be able to get away with such antics in Minneapolis or New York, but “Conservatives are not latte-sipping, p*ssy hat-wearing wimps.” Suburbanites, BizpacReview writes, ” are legal gun owners who will fight to defend their families and homes.” Especially when “Democratic mayors and governors refuse to protect them.”

The right-facing citizens of Yucaipa aren’t about to let their town turn into a war zone. Former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik still wants to know where his city’s police are. “New York City is burning! Where are you? Where is the New York state police?” They’re missing in action. “Badges?” They ask in Yucaipa. When it comes to Antifa, “we don’t need no steenking badges.”

  1. Now where exactly did law enforcement say that the persons were identified as ANTIFA members, this sounds like a lot of uneducted red neck just assuming and has no proof.

    1. It’s obvious a lot had happened before the tape started rolling. You’re making a lot of assumptions yourself.

    2. this sounds like a lot of uneducted red neck….
      Uneducated. Is that the word you were looking for Robert? Always willing to help educate scholars.

    3. You really shouldn’t talk about the speculated intelligence of someone else when you cannot spell the word “uneducated.” Dumbass – that’s French and pronounced “Doo-Mas.”

    4. Nob-ert you sound like an un ed you cated Hillbilly Democrat wearing a white cape and hood. Bet you went to one of those Detroit type education facilities with metal detectors and Police at the doors getting you ready for the next education facility commonly known as a Penitentiary, with welcome to Shawshank on the entry gate, with dueling banjos as the anthem.

  2. If thesecpunks come back , and I did say if , it will be with an army of their knuckle dragging pals . But hey , I guess they don’t want to keep a good beat down all to themselves . They will want their buddies to get beat too . ???? Or they will truly to go cry to the police and say they were just peaceful visitors and got beat up . Then , they will be locked up .

    1. They are domestic terrorists Cowards. These Cowards are always emboldened by the crowd they are in. Single any one of them out and they will cower, whine, and cry like the pussies they are.

    1. Here in the town of Cicero, Illinois, right outside of Chicago, we killed 2 rioters ( Not protestors like CNN wants to call them)….trying to destroy a business…….That’s how you handle business……

  3. This is what Antifa and any other Terrorist group will get if they try to bring their BS to any conservative suburban community and those guys were lucky they got out alive!!!

  4. Amen! The various govts. have done nothing to stop the thugs, so it’s up to the citizens — a.k.a. the “militia” — to run the bums out of town.

  5. Well, well said, no one needs to have their town destroyed by a bunch of criminals who hate you and your town or they would not be destroying it. Just like the so called “peaceful” marchers walking from block to block making sure that the people who paid their taxes for those streets can’t use the streets or the stores or get food or medicine. They are allowed to use their “rights” to protest while they take away the rights of those living on those streets to use the streets, and highways to get home and to work. All of a sudden a bunch of lazy “peaceful” are allowed to take away the rights of those living the areas that they are marching in. Those living in the areas need to follow the “peaceful” protestors to their homes and close down their roads and stores and make noise all night and day and get their rights back. The “peaceful” should be arrested for the noise they are making in the city so people can’t sleep because these peaceful are noisy, shouting and screaming in mass to sound like an airplane landing on the streets.

  6. These foul communistic thugs got the thrashing they deserve. Next time don’t treat them so kindly. Perhaps the old method of tarring and feathering before running them out of town on a rail

    1. No one honors this tradition anymore. Scalding hot tar, that burns the flesh and feathers? Talk about social justice!

  7. Well it seems when I moved out to Arizona about 4 years ago I did it at the right time!!Here in Arizona we value our rights and that means to defend our selves and carry a fire arm if we so desire. If these idiots come here they will get a massive surprise in any city of the state of ARIZONA. They got what they deserved and hopefully the rest will learn this important lesson from YUCIPA CALIF. and if not well we have plenty of desert burial ground out in the middle of nowhere

  8. Those moon-bats were warned that the subs and country people won’t tolerate their BS. I live in a small country mountain town and we have rednecks who wouldn’t even be as nice as these Ca. guys.

  9. Huntington Beach also ran the antics pussy hat wearing latte drinking pansy’s out of the beach town the surfer dudes lined up on coast hi way and would not let the bastards into the downtown area. The surfers put a smack down on a couple of the pussy’s the rest ran like little girls screaming for their mothers

  10. They have been warned. If they try it anywhere else, no more warnings are necessary. Greet them with gunfire. A solid body count should convince them that they and their bullying communist antics are not wanted and will not be tolerated. Community solidarity and covering each other’s backs will protect our Republic, Constitution, and the Liberty of the People. Maybe our elitist would be aristocrat corrupt politicians should take notice.

  11. You people and your “politics”! God blessed us with Antifa and BLM, thank God they’re getting rid of your racist flags and traitorous statues! No more Confederate flag at the Redneck Races aka NASCAR! Thank God the country is CHANGING! Now get mad! What do we want??? WHITE POWER!!!????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  12. What is important to note is that when it could escalate into a life threatening event, the people there step in to de-escalate it and want the Antifa to escape without serious injury. If it was a solo Trump hat person walking down the street, the hat wearer would be sent to the hospital with serious injuries, brain damage, or death as a result. Please take note of the difference!

  13. So, what really happens to “men” when they move to the big city?? The small-town folks don’t put up with rioting, burning, and a vandalized community.


  15. i think they should allow them to protest get them in a good tight crowed even give them a flag or two and a couple of bibles to burn and when they are all good and tight together toss a couple of grenades in the mix and you have chop suey that is what needs to be done

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