Watch: Crowd Chants F-The Police, Then K-9 Unit Chomps Into The First Person Who Gets Too Close

Good dog! Those shepherds are trained to do what they do, it is indeed up to the handler to keep an eye on him. However, the K-9 isn’t going to be pulled so close to the handler that it’s ridiculous. The dogs are another means of protection for the police. They’re probably safer for the officer to use, since they don’t constitute deadly force.  The person in the way is told in no uncertain terms to move!

The K-9 unit understands

One protestor screams “racism” at the K-9. It does not help the rioter’s cause to display that lack of brain cells. Is that person capable of embarrassment? Any person familiar with dogs knows they do what they’re trained to do without caring what color the skin is.

The police are trained to keep the K-9 under tight control for several reasons. Dogs are amazing animals, especially the shepherds. They’re actually wolf descendants. In addition to the over-the-top loyalty and protectiveness they can also kill.

Like a firearm, understand and respect the power of the K-9

The police may work with a particular K-9 to learn the signals, establish a rapport. The relationship between policeman and K-9 unit is just like the relationship between any human and their dog. The dog offers unconditional love. Losing one is the equivalent of a death in the family.

The use of a firearm is deadly. The use of a K-9 is not likely to be deadly but more to disable. The K-9 is specially trained to disable rather than kill.

The smartphone generation

Some people are trained to be aware of their surroundings. There are several reasons for that. One is watching for anything or anybody that might harm you. Another is the better you know the animals and plants where you are, the better you are should you be stuck somewhere in an emergency. It’s one of the tenants of survival. A person stuck in a life threatening situation is more likely to be able to survive til help can arrive.

The person that got bit didn’t appear to have a cellphone but the distraction by something else was enough. He just backed up close enough to the dog. The dog just did what it’s trained to do.

  1. Oh, gosh, well, too bad. Anybody with a brain knows to be careful around a strange dog, even kids. And this is a police dog protecting his master. Get too close to master, dog bites and I hope it hurt like hell so the guy left the cop alone and the guy went home where he should have been any ways. Where are the parents of these young people. If my young adult was out on the streets doing what these young people were doing, I would be waiting at the door and he/she would be lucky I waited at the door and didn’t go after him. I am quite good at embarrassing because I don’t need a dead kid and having to go to a funeral and I didn’t raise them to roam streets and blocks in a bad way. Good doggie.

  2. “It’s one of the tenants of survival.” Actually, it’s tenets of survival, not tenants of survival.

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