Breaking: Missing Child, Crews Searching

Rescue crews are searching in both Ohio and West Virginia for a seven-year-old boy who was reported missing in the Ohio River late on September 5. Authorities were called and began their search yesterday after the child did not reappear after going swimming in a deep part of the river in Monroe County, Ohio.

Missing in Ohio River

Who, if anyone, was accompanying the child in the river when he went missing was not specified by authorities, who did not release any other personal details.

The boy was reported missing at around 5:00 P.M. on Sunday afternoon after not returning from a swim in the river.

The search involves responders from both Ohio and West Virginia, searching downstream from the location where the missing child was last seen.

Along with crews searching on land, rescuers employed boats and divers on the river, as well as a helicopter supplied by the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

Monroe County Sheriff Charles Black stated that there is no indication that the child is out of the river.

The sheriff confirmed that the operation is now being treated as a recovery, rather than a rescue; the chances of the boy being found alive are extremely slim.

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