NPR Gets Caught in Major Violation, Now its Time to Pull Their Funding

One NPR email happened to be caught but there are hundreds of affiliates. It’s Democrat controlled media that’s going to make it sound like it’s nothing to worry about, like so many other things. If one was caught though, how many more taxpayer funded campaign emails are being quietly sent out? Democrats want to give tons of taxpayer money to their buddies as legalized robbery and kickbacks.

Defund NPR

Among so many other tax exempt organizations. House Republican Conference Chair Elise Stefanik might have been on the receiving end of a politically inappropriate email. A previous employee of the New York affiliate North Country Public Radio sent out a Democratic campaign email.

Stefanik called out another illegal Democrat maneuver. “Taxpayer dollars should no longer fund New York Democrats’ political agenda. NCPR’s activity is illegal, and I’m taking action, so North Country residents’ hard-earned incomes are not advancing partisan initiatives.” She tweeted out, “DEFUND NPR”.

A decade

This has been going on for ten years. NCPR serves the Adirondack region, New York’s 21st Congressional district, which Stefanik represents. She fired off a letter to the IRS.

“We are writing today with a serious concern that a National Public Radio (NPR) affiliate has been using a taxpayer-funded email account to illegally campaign for New York Democrats. Recently, Martha Foley, the former News and Public Affairs Director at North Country Public Radio (NCPR), used her NCPR email address to campaign on behalf of local Democrats. This is an unacceptable and illegal use of taxpayer funds … It is also grounds for revocation of NPR’s tax-exempt status.”

The Democrats will protect the NPR

If Stefanik can pursue this, great, but everybody knows the IRS is corrupt. Foley retired in 2019 but she was allowed to keep her email account. Breitbart exposed this November 2. Foley should have used her own account so since she said “sorry” and NCPR told her to cease and desist it’s taken care of.

Why do we not believe you? NCPR station manager Mitch Teich said it was wrong but it’s been going on for years. “It would be wrong regardless of what Martha’s political stripes were. Certainly that it attracts the ire of people who feel like public radio is already skewed in one direction or another, but the way I battle it as a public radio station is to point out that we don’t approve of it either.” Apparently their policies have allowed former employees to continue using their email.

We’re not buying it, NPR

Stefanik joins Rep. Doug Lamborn of Colorado who has sponsored bills since 2006 to defund NPR and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Rep. Lamborn’s argument is about redundancy rather than their ideology. “This is not about the ideology of NPR executives … but whether in this age of trillion-dollar deficits, taxpayers should subsidize a non-essential entity.” We have better things to put our money toward!

The Democrats have a lot of under handed ways to be funded. This is just one more and Stefanik doesn’t tolerate any of it.

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