EXPOSED: Harris Campaign’s Darkest Secret Revealed

Kamala Harris has a dirty secret and it was just exposed. Despite her public outrage over notorious pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and his sleazy lawyers, her campaign has been spending their cash. Her own husband was cozily rubbing elbows with Epstein’s lawyers and Kamala knows all about it. She’s already flipping like a pancake, and she’s only had the nomination for hours.

Kamala Harris connected to Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyers

Guess who has been taking money from Epstein’s lawyers? None other than newly-named vice-presidential hopeful Kamala Harris. According to an Associated Press report published July 15, 2019, Kamala received campaign funds from Jeffrey Epstein’s Law firm, Kirkland and Ellis, “for her failed Presidential campaign.”

This glaringly contradicts the stance Harris took when she “bemoaned the influence of the powerful and connected elite.” She flatly declared that nobody should have any contact with anything Epstein related when she “called on top Justice Department officials to recuse themselves from any matter related to Jeffrey Epstein” because “their former law firm’s work on behalf of the financier accused of sexual abuse ‘calls into question the integrity of our legal system.'”

The very same day, Kamala Harris’ husband was the star at a “Chicago fundraiser for her presidential campaign that was hosted by six partners” of the Kirkland and Ellis law firm. AP even printed a copy of the invitation to prove it. That’s the smoking gun that proves Kamala says one thing and does another. Like any good New World Order radical progressive, she sold her soul to Darth Soros and is already teamed up with his evil minions.

Her morals went right out the window

Kamala Harris was a Senator representing radically socialist California before she threw her hat into the Democrat circus ring. She was also one of the most vocal of the nearly two dozen candidates “to blast the handling of Epstein’s case in Florida a decade ago, when his lawyers negotiated a deal with federal prosecutors that allowed him to avoid the possibility of years in prison.”

Kamala Harris throws her morals right out the window when it comes to scrounging for campaign cash. As Conservative Opinion reports, “her decision to move ahead with the fundraiser hosted by Kirkland and Ellis partners while criticizing the firm underscores the tension that can arise when a politician’s rhetoric collides with their need to raise money to sustain a presidential campaign.”

So far, it seems that the only public activist to call out her hypocrisy is Paul S. Ryan, attorney for the good government group Common Cause. “If any connection with Kirkland and Ellis is a stain on (senior Justice Department officials), why isn’t a connection with the law firm for the receipt of campaign contributions a stain on her own campaign?” Ryan wonders. It seems that the rabbit hole might even go a little deeper than that. Harris’ husband is also an attorney. “Doug Emhoff is a high powered attorney at DLA Piper.” According to his own official biography, “Doug’s influence and achievements as an insider across many spectrums has made him one of California’s go-to lawyers for several decades.” No, they aren’t connected to the Deep State or anything.

  1. Harris’ REAL darkest secret is that she is not a constitutionally eligible “natural born citizen”. She is a “citizen” only though the 14th Amendment. She was born in Oakland, CA in 1964, but her parents, mother from India and father from Jamaica, had not lived in the U.S. long enough to have become US citizens. They were still foreign nationals when she was born.
    One MUST be born on U.S. soil to a citizen father and citizen mother to be a natural born citizen. Obama was never eligible, even if he had been born in the White House, simply because his Kenyan, British subject father was not a US citizen. He was a fraud and an usurper. Kamala would be just a female version of Obama.

  2. It is time the military threw out the ineligibles from our White House and government in general. Clean that mess up or get someone hired in who will. America is sick of all of these outsiders coming in and trying to take over our country.

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