IRONY: George Floyd Rioters Burn Down George Floyd Mural

In a perfect case of riot irony, rioters looting in honor of George Floyd in Portland burned down a store with a prominent George Floyd mural.  Riots in Portland have been almost constant for the past year as the leftist city has become hosted large numbers of leftist BLM and Antifa protesters. Smashing windows and burning buildings has become so commonplace that even the stores which are most devoted to pandering to the mob are not immune from being destroyed.

Portland Apple store burned

On Saturday, April 17, rioters in Portland inadvertently did a rare good deed when they burned an Apple store with a prominent BLM mural.

The current status of the large mural is unclear, though the store was heavily damaged by the arson and looting attack. The “historic” mural donated by Apple apparently features prominent depictions of George Floyd and other individuals who did not survive their attempts to resist arrest.

Apple has been one of the many large corporations which has enthusiastically embraced the cause of BLM, out of both loyalty to the neoliberal agenda and the knowledge that doing anything less makes their company a target for rioters.

Like most other major corporations in America Apple has been rewarded with repeated looting and arson. The Portland store has been targeted  by Antifa and BLM several times before.

This time the mob threatened the lives of two security guards at the store by setting it ablaze while they were still inside, though both were able to escape from the conflagration unharmed.

Other targets of the rioters included the Oregon Historical Society and First Christian Church along with other stores and restaurants. All suffered vandalism and broken windows, even those which had made similar attempts to support BLM.

Rioters turn on their corporate friends

It would be wrong at this point to assume that Apple and other corporations supporting these radical leftist causes are only doing so to protect their profits and properties.

Clearly they aren’t protecting anything with their incessant pandering and kneeling to the mobs. Apple and others can only be doing it out of genuine loyalty to the cause at this stage.

In that sense there is very little reason for the rest of the country to feel any pity when these left wing corporations are attacked by the rioters they indulge and fund.

Normal Americans win when radical leftists eat each other and turn on their own supporters. If they happen to damage or destroy their own hideous works of propaganda in the process then there is even more reason for the rest of us to cheer.

Apple, Starbucks, Nike, and the rest have poured hundreds of millions of dollars into promoting communist mobs and funding rioters who torment and attack normal Americans and their property and force the government to let it happen.

One store is only a minor loss for a corporation as rich and powerful as Apple, but the great humiliation of it being destroyed by their own supposed allies is a richly deserved reward.

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