Clerk in Trump Case Accused of Violating Donations Rule

The clerk for New York Justice Arthur Engoron, Allison Greenfield has violated judicial rules regarding political donations. Engoron was told of this complaint the same day he issued a gag order on Trump. That gag order for criticizing Greenfield cost Trump $15,000. The evidence against Greenfield is overwhelming. These are normally confidential but a Twitter account called Judicial Protest exposed it.

The clerk gives to Democrats

A Wisconsin man named Brock Fredin operates the Twitter account called Judicial Protest. The complain was written October 3, 2023.

“My name is Brock Fredin and I operate the Twitter account @JudicialProtest. I write with respect to the blatantly unethical and partisan conduct of Your Honor’s Principal Law Clerk Allison Greenfield, the Court’s ‘Gag Order’ issued today concerning President Trump’s retweeting of my tweet about Ms. Greenfield and Senator Chuck Schumer taken at a Chelsea Reform Democrat Club brunch and the overly apparent appearance of impropriety in the above-referenced matter with respect to Ms. Greenfield’s repeated partisan political and Democrat activities while employed as a law clerk. Given that President Trump’s post at-issue today was a re-tweet of my original tweet on the @JudicialProtest account, the Court’s order directing President Trump to remove it is a direct attack on my First Amendment rights (as well as President Trump’s), particularly since the Court asserted on the record that my tweet was a ‘personal attack’ on Ms. Greenfield rather than a post exposing and criticizing the misconduct of a public official. I am consequently an interested party and submit this letter as such. To be clear, though, this letter and its contents are not a ‘personal attack’ on Ms. Greenfield. Rather, this letter contains receipts and raises serious ethical violations as to her political speech and activities involving the Democrat Party while employed as your law clerk that undoubtedly create an appearance of impropriety in People v. Trump et al.”

The complaint is public

Fredin put it on a website and since the complainant released it, it’s public. It details political activity Greenfield engaged in with New York Democrats, including working as an organizer to get Democrats elected.

More importantly, she’s donated to Democrats in excess of what court officials in New York are allowed to give annually. The favor was returned. She was endorsed by Democrats when she was running to be a New York Civil Court judge.

A New York clerk can’t do this

New York ethics rules prohibit a court official from giving more than $500 in a calendar year to political figures. These rules are on the court system’s website, stating that a “judge shall prohibit members of the judge’s staff who are the judge’s personal appointees from engaging in the following political activity.”

The second point under that speaks more of prohibited conduct:

“…contributing, directly or indirectly, money or other valuable consideration in amounts exceeding $500 in the aggregate during any calendar year to all political campaigns for political office, and other partisan political activity including, but not limited to, the purchasing of tickets to political functions, except that this $500 limitation shall not apply to an appointee’s contributions to his or her own campaign. Where an appointee is a candidate for judicial office, reference also shall be made to appropriate sections of the Election Law.”

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