DOJ Drops Trump BOMBSHELL in Anticipation of 2024 Run

It now seems pretty clear that Donald Trump will be running for re-election regardless of what else is going on.

Rumors are flying that November 14 has been targeted as the day he will announce.

That means that Merrick Garland will have one week after the election to indict or risk being accused of weaponizing the DOJ as a political tool (and yes, I know that is what he is doing already).

The Plan

Reports are now breaking that Merrick Garland is looking at appointing a Special Counsel to take over the Trump investigations from the DOJ.

This would remove the political ties as well as the pressure on Garland.

Granted, we all still see this for what it is, but the “book” definition would be satisfied by Garland.

Much like the Durham probe, however, if an indictment is issued and it does not stick, it is a big problem for Garland and company.

Let’s say a special counsel indicts nine months before the election, then the trial begins, and Trump gets off scot-free… how much do you think that would energize moderate and conservative voters to vote for Trump?

On the flip side, if they indict and convict, and Trump is the nominee by then, it still looks like Garland is trying to rig the election.

All I know is that if we see a special counsel get appointed, this will be a wild ride into 2024.

Source: New York Post

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