Famous Leftist Has Finally Seen the Error of His Ways

A leftist sees the error of his ways. Tim Robbins spoke on the British comedian Russell Brand’s podcast recently, criticizing the COVID narrative that he believed at first. He “bought into all of it” til he saw real life encounters that showed it was all a lie. He was living in Los Angeles when it hit and everything closed down. People were confined to home and mask. Officials put down scoffers.

COVID was politicized

Robbins says he believed in it, “I bought into it. … I was masking everywhere. I was keeping my social distance. I was adhering to the requests made of me, and I felt angry at people that didn’t do that.” He saw areas that didn’t strictly adhere to the protocols but it didn’t sink in how bad it was til he went overseas.

When he was in Britain it was different. He

“noticed a lot of people were not adhering again to these requests made by their government. I thought, well, they’re going to have a hard day coming up, that there will be some serious death here. When I saw that there wasn’t a huge death rate [in Britain], after I witnessed personally what was happening, I started to wonder more and more about what we were being told and whether it was true or not.”

So much of COVID was a lie

The media and the US government was screaming we’d all die without doing these measures but Robbins saw that actually, no, we wouldn’t. If our government and news is wrong about this, what else isn’t on the level?

He went to an anti-lockdown protest not because he supported the activity but because he was curious. He observed and talked to people and found that even those who believed the same way he did were upset. He noted, “I saw the way that they were being described in the press, and it wasn’t true. These were not, you know, National Front Nazis. These were liberals and lefties and people who believed in personal freedom.”

The COVID difference

Between the United States and Britain was two totally different things. If Trump was in charge, you weren’t going to take that vaccine. Power changed parties and everybody needed to be vaccinated.

He thought

“there is a lot more political ideology at play than is perhaps wise, prudent, or even honest when the claim that is being made is that we are following science. At first, if you were a Democrat, when Trump was president, well, you weren’t going to take that vaccine because it was Trump’s vaccine, and then that seemed to somehow change. It was kind of Orwellian. It was like we are no longer at war with East Asia.”

Suddenly if you refused the vaccine, you were bad. Robbins observed, “If you didn’t take the vaccine, you were a Republican.”

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