Heroic Soldier Intervenes, Takes Out Active Shooter

It’s the soldier that will boldly go into a deadly situation other people run away from. Even today, thankfully people understand the reason the United States exists at all. If we didn’t have the rock solid foundation of the Constitution, why would we be here? The words mean nothing if we aren’t willing to enforce them. The British were so angry we left they followed us, continuing to fight us on our own soil.

To this day we have people trained to address all enemies both foreign and domestic. There’s also the basic human rule of not hurting others. Why was the shooter doing what he was doing? Was mental illness or drugs involved? Because unless somebody is screwed up, there would be no reason for firing at anybody.

The soldier does what needs to be done

This is their training. It’s drilled into their heads to be alert to any danger and step in to help. Civilians can also help, provided the necessary actions get the job done. In this case, the soldier stepped up first.

The damage could have been much worse. Two soldiers were involved in this. One stopped the shooter with his car, the other was wounded. It doesn’t need to be another firearm. It can be any object used with potentially deadly force.

Limit the damage

A war can be on a small or large scale. In either case, you need to limit what the opposition destroys. If that soldier hadn’t done according to his training, many more lives might have been lost.

This was initially thought to be road rage. Master Sgt. David Royer was leaving Fort Leavenworth and got stuck in traffic. A person got out of a vehicle in front of him and just started random firing.

“I wasn’t necessarily frightened,” Sergeant Royer, 34, told reporters. “I was shocked that it was happening and the adrenaline took over and, with the military training that I’ve received, I took appropriate action and took out the threat.”

Chief Pat Kitchens of the Leavenworth police said “This was an active shooter with multiple weapons on the bridge firing at cars. The person was simply randomly firing at vehicles as they passed by.”

Your training teaches you to value life

Sometimes you’re faced with death. If you have random shots, that could be an innocent child in that crossfire. It could be your own child. A soldier’s training as well as parental instinct will make you take those steps to make sure innocent life isn’t taken.

Sergeant Royer was happy to be able to go home to a family that night. After the shooter was neutralized, he went back to shut off that person’s car in the event there was flammable liquid. He called his fiance to let her know he was ok.

“I just wanted to get home, get everything back to normal, get to my kids, give them a hug,” he explained. “And then I went and I mowed my grass and made dinner and spent time with my family.”

  1. True American man, runs into a dangerous killing situation, solves it and goes home to mow his lawn. Well, I have learned from the military men in my family that mowing the lawn is something that needs to be done and is calming because of the noise it makes blacking out any other noise or thought. Thank God for these men and Thank God for coming up with something like mowing the lawn to get them through what was given to them to handle.

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