Gun Store Owner Pulls a Fast One, Then Blasts Thug to Smithereens

When four young opportunists walked into Mike’s Gun Room in Richardson, Texas last week, owner Mike Brown kept his head and used it. He pulled a fast one with some quick thinking which enabled him to grab a backup weapon. For one in four of the average thugs, it was not his lucky day, as he got blasted to smithereens and sent to the ER. His comrades escaped with an arsenal, which $10,000 is out looking for.

A gun to the back of his head

Around 3:00 on a Thursday afternoon, things were quiet and Mike Brown was alone in his store. Back in the good old days when police still enforced the laws, four men walking in with masks over their faces would have looked like a holdup. Today masks are mandatory and they pretended to be customers, which allowed them to spread out and get into position. Mike wasn’t stupid and noticed that two of the men were carrying. As the men forced him to the floor behind his counter, one put a gun to the back of his head, while the others started grabbing dozens of various weapons.

The first thing they teach in self-defense classes is never depend on your gun. They often aren’t available when you need them the most. Instead, rely on the weapon between your ears. Mr. Brown used his. Thinking fast, 77-year-old Brown faked like the stress was giving him a heart attack, as an excuse to get “his pills.” The pills he needed were small doses of lead in an auto injector.

When the men were distracted grabbing one gun after another, Brown retrieved his backup weapon just before one of the men turned back his way. “I told him to stop. He turned around and I saw he had one handgun in his hand when he turned around.” Brown shot the armed robber in the shoulder. “I’m sorry I had to shoot somebody, but — better than Plan B.”

I’ve got more ammo

The unlucky criminal “was hospitalized and is in custody,” with injuries that are not believed to be life-threatening. Cops haven’t released his identity yet. The other three are still on the loose and Brown has a message for them, “Don’t come back, I’ve got more ammo.” They already know he has a lot more than one gun as well.

Police haven’t provided specific descriptions of the suspects who raided the gun shop but they did release a bulletin asking for everyone to watch for a “silver or gray car, possibly a Chevrolet Impala, with a paper license plate.” It was last spotted as the bandits fled west.

Because a serious amount of firepower walked away from Mike’s Gun Room, the police offered a reward of “up to $10,000” for “info about the take down robbery.” They are hoping that a rival or a girlfriend will turn the raiders in for cash. At least, in Texas, they still take law enforcement seriously. When they have the actual resources to do the job that is. It’s hard to attract new recruits when all the young people have been brainwashed into believing that the primary job of police officers is to murder black men for no reason.

  1. Mike is lucky. The wounded, armed thug might have been able to get a shot off at him.
    Never, never, never shoot to wound. If the situation warrants deadly force, ‘double tap’ two to center mass and if they are still standing, put a red dot in the center of their forehead.
    I live in Texas and I carry everywhere I go that doesn’t have a metal detector. “No Gun” signs posted by ignorant business owners is no deterrent to me. Besides, I have a large team for a backup.
    I’m a member of USCCA. If arrested, they will go my bond, provide me with a skilled firearm attorney and stand by me through the entire process. Really cheap insurance because, now days, ya never know. Check USCCA out.

  2. Sadly he only got one and that one lived. The police should charge the one that lived with attempted murder and see how long it takes to for him to rat out his pals.

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