Texas Police Sergeant Takes Shotgun Blast to the Face, Lives to Tell the Story

Some people are shepherds at heart. Texas Police Sargeant Houston Gass fits that description. He lived to tell his story after having a shotgun blast in the face. He’s not done on this earth yet. Maybe the person that shot him will receive Christ in prison. That person needs help. It’s important for each person to try to see the good in your neighbor. Forgiveness is not done for the other person, it’s done for you.

Shotgun scare

Mr. Gass explained his story to a crowd of fellow police officers. “I can remember the first thing that went on me was my eyesight. I couldn’t see anything, and I was scared to death that I was blind for the rest of my life. … My partners played a vital role in my life being saved. The way they drug me out, the way they laid down cover fire, and the way they heroically put themselves on the line for me. I’ll always have a great love for those men right there. … When the moment chooses you, how ready are you to die? … Spiritually, I know where I’m going. If I would have died that day, I was ready to go (if need be). … Yet I wasn’t ready to go (as he talked about steps to be taken regarding death.) … This has been a long journey for me. Thirteen surgeries (at the time, now 21), hundreds of pellets that have come out of my face. … I know one of my goals is to get back wearing that badge, and putting on the duty belt. … I want to be that guy that got knocked down, then gets back up and says, ‘What else you got?’ But I couldn’t do that unless I had the utmost faith in my Maker and Jesus Christ. Period!”

Shotgun wielder

Ryan John Kelley, 30, was convicted in 2016 and has a 50 year sentence. Those who are abusive feel they’ve lost control. Perhaps he’ll receive counseling there.

Sargeant Gass received the Star of Texas award from Governor Greg Abbott, although the sargeant’s reward is a simple return to duty. He lives to protect others.

A shotgun is a tool

That can be used for both good and bad. Sargeant Gass referred to life as getting bucked off a horse. “My Dad taught me that if the horse bucks you off, you get back on that horse and you ride again.” The sargeant got bucked off with that shotgun. He needed to get back on and ride.

Houston Gass and retired police officer Jimmy Meeks are putting together something called the Cornelius Project. It’s an account of Mr. Gass’ experience.

His faith is strong. “There have been a lot of doctor visits, but more importantly for me, there’s been a healing in my heart and psychologically and everything that’s allowed me to be able to keep going on a day-to-day basis, and keeps me wanting to go back for more. Life is honestly, in my opinion, about serving others; selflessly. Being there for them however you can. And making sure they know the love of Christ is in you …”

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