Whoa…Recount Worker Was Incorrectly Counting Votes for Biden


A recount worker in Georgia got flat busted intentionally counting Trump votes for Biden. Three wrong counts in three minutes caught the serious attention of one Georgia election auditor. “Things aren’t adding up.”

The recount is just as sleazy

A Georgia recount monitor for the Republican National Committee came forward this week with the stunning claim that “he witnessed a counter wrongly calling out votes.” Ballots clearly marked “Trump” were verbally called out for Joe Biden.

A second person was supposed to be checking every ballot but wasn’t paying attention. “three times in three minutes,” the second auditor caught it when she fraudulently called out Biden. “No. This is Trump.” What about all the ones that were missed?

“Now,” Hale Soucie explained, “that’s just while I’m standing there.” “Does the second checker catch it every time? But this lady, three times in three minutes, from 2:09 to 2:12, she got three wrong.” That’s not right. Soucie explains that they were working on the recount for Cobb County and he was originally stationed at table 18.

Soucie happened to notice that across the way, at table 17, “the second person wasn’t looking at the vote but was automatically assuming that the first counter was correct.” So he got up and walked over. That’s when he noticed the three bogus recount calls. “So, I go and report it.”

Every swap counts for two

Because every recount vote fraudulently and illegally taken away from President Donald Trump and added to Joe Biden’s pile creates a two vote gap, the effect can add up quickly.

Instead of pulling the biased counter off the line, the whistleblower was told, “we’ll talk to the [Cobb County] election officials.” It appears that all they did was warn her who the snitch was. “They talk to her. And so I come back by again in a few minutes and she’s not doing it.”

Suddenly, after he mentioned that he was onto their little scheme to quietly pad the recount for Biden, his previously warm welcome turned frosty. As reported by Town Hall, “The RNC monitor stated that after he left the table, election officials kept a close eye on him and pointed him out despite him simply observing the process.” A “psst, ixnay on the audfray” kind of thing. Meanwhile at the other tables who knows how many bogus Biden votes crept in.

The Republican observer was made to feel like he was the criminal just for wanting to make sure the recount was more honest than the first time around. “I haven’t done anything wrong.

All I’m doing is writing down and observing to tell what happened.” After they knew he was watching, he “made another slow lap around the room.” As he worked near the woman he complained against, he allegedly heard her snarl, “I’m paid by the taxpayer and this f**king a**hole is coming out and watching me.” She’s paid to count, not commit fraud.

If she was honest she wouldn’t mind being watched. Now that the recount can’t be trusted either, what next? Do we really have laws anymore or are we all on our own?


  1. Isn’t it funny that the main stream media is still towing biden’s rope ,declaring biden a winner, This ia what Trump and Republicans are fighting lies and fake from news media.

  2. Why is NOTHING being done?? This election is being stolen right under our eyes. Sydney Powell has hundreds of instances of election fraud all over the country. Is there no honest government who will step in?? If nothing is done, we promise to make a biden administration a Holy Hell.

  3. Where the hell do they get these poll workers from, the DNC??? This is crazy! All they are doing is repeating the fraud that was done in the first place. There should be at least one monitor for each counter.

  4. In recounts of election ballots I have witnessed, the person looks at the ballot tabulates that ballot and then it goes to another counter who also does the same thing. I was told it is done that way to eliminate possible political bias, now once the votes are hand counted that total tally must be the same as the number of votes cast which in no less than 3 places, the first is the tally by the people who checked you in to vote on their voter list then there in the machine count of number of voters, then there is the tabulation from the tally sheets, at the end of the voting day and the amount of votes sent to the counting center, all done under the watchful eye of the poll watchers, which would eliminate those accusations of votes stolen, and boxes of votes smuggled in. With both parties watching this process from start
    to finish, why do you think one party would let the other get away with anything that is wrong.

  5. This is exactly why a mere “recount” of votes do no good. It should be an Audit of each and every ballot with two objective people validating the count. That woman should be arrested and charged with election fraud.

  6. Just remember counters when you deceive the American people and rig the election if there is civil unrest it will be on you. If a revolution begins the blood that is shed will be on you as well.

  7. The same people who did the count are doing the recount and using the same tactics. Neither the governor nor the secretary of state seems to care.

  8. Typical Democrap dirty trick. Win by crook or by bigger Crook. The woman and the supposed officials should be banned for life from working the polls as a worker and voter. See what happens if they see themselves being stripped of the right to vote??

  9. They cheated on the election, they’re cheating on the recount and there is no doubt that they will also cheat during the runoff elections. It doesn’t appear to be possible for us to have an honest election. As good old Joe Stalin liked to say, “Who votes doesn’t count, what matters is who counts the votes”. So we are having elections very like the ones they had in Stalin’s Russia and coincidentally we have the same kind of media to report the results as the Russians had, as well.

  10. Both party should be at the table of the recount. It is obvious the first count was being checked for a reason. Why have the same system st the recount?
    Fool me once shame on you.
    Fool me twice shame on me!
    That is a well know quote for a reason also.

  11. Wasn’t there somebody else this guy could complain to like the republican boss that is supposed to be there, come on, start yelling, why do republicans back down, why can’t they demand that something be done about this chick and the click deliberately not paying attention to what the first chick is doing. Especially when the democrats yell about anything whether what they say is happening or not. Come on republicans, report it to the republican boss who is supposed to be there also and if he/she caters to the democrats, call the party headquarters up, if nothing than go to the newspapers.

  12. This garbage all started when the black man from Chicago was given the keys to the castle. Never trust a Chicago politician!!! Obama used the IRS to destroy the Tea Party and got away with it, after that he felt he could do any criminal act and never be held to account. Hilary commits thousands of felonies working for him to no account. Bidens family sells out to all the counties he’s supposed to be working for the American taxpayer to keep honest. Look at his so called charity that has spent millions on salaries but not one dime was used to help anyone. We can’t let them steal this MASSIVE TRUMP VICTORY!!!

  13. This little piece of crap foul mouthed, ignorant puppet for Satan should be in jail. Anyone, anyone tampering with our election is committing TREASON and jail should be only option. If votes were given to Trump she would be!

  14. So, when recounting, they only recount Trump/ Biden votes, not down ballot like Senators.
    If that is the case, they probably don’t need run-off elections in January !! Again, DemoncRats
    rigged this election, like they did in ’16 and hopefully it will fail again. And they want these
    morons to run the country ? They can’t even win an election even when they RIG it. TWICE !!!
    Trump rally 30k to 50k people @ 5 rallies a day vs Biden rally= 12 cars @ 1 person per car,
    once a day. But Biden wins a state by a half a million votes ?? Do you honestly believe this ??


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