Mike Pence Drops Bombshell Announcement That Shocks Both Parties

It often takes something hitting somebody personally, in their own belief system or their wallet, that prompts a change to Republican. Shocks like this happen regularly as Democrat and Progressive actions and policies continue to spiral down away from helping the people. The Trump Train has a wide umbrella, all are welcome here. Once people see the difference, the switch is made.

System shocks in more than one way

Vice President Pence was delighted to publicly welcome the newest arrival to the Trump Train. He tweeted, “Two Democrat Sheriffs in Indiana joined the Republican Party! Proud to welcome Sheriff Dave Wedding of Vanderburgh Co. and Sheriff Tom Latham of Posey Co. to the GOP! Under President @realdonaldtrump we stand for Law & Order and we Back the Blue!”

Sheriff Wedding thought it was unbelievable that Democrats backed the rioters. “What I’ve witnessed across the United States is shocking. As a law enforcement leader, I can’t imagine 101 days of rioting, and it is condoned by the Democratic leadership. It’s unbelievable that they can do that to a law enforcement professional. As a sheriff, I could not imagine putting my deputies on the front lines of these riots night after night with no relief in sight,”

A shock to the conscious

Sheriff Wedding continued. “It’s interesting that we see this glorious flag here…the Democrats want to burn that thing every day.”

“That’s part of the reason why I said ‘I can’t tolerate that’ Burning our flag, the symbol of our country and our freedom, the greatest country in the world. In the left-wing, you can’t say God. They can’t say God in the Pledge of Allegiance… It’s ridiculous. And I sit and watch this, I think, how can I even say, or be a part of idiots like that.”

“I’m tired of seeing fires set in our streets, I’m tired of people defying God, our church, our police, our government, and everything we stand for. You hard-working people, that have worked from the time you’re young to now, you’ve become successful individuals, and they want to get on you for being successful. I don’t believe in that.”

The shock of taking funds away

From people who want to keep the community clean in the name of political correctness. Wedding is upset at the left-wing movement to defund the police: “Defunding police seems to be the theme of the left-wing liberals. By not supporting the rule of law, we see chaos like in Chicago, Portland, Seattle, – and instead of defunding the police, they should support funding the police during this time of civil unrest.”

Trump pointed out which cities are being torn apart by rioters. People can do their own research if they don’t trust Trump. The party is consistent. Trump tweeted, ““Rochester N.Y., Brooklyn N.Y., Portland—All had bad nights, all weakly run by Radical Left Democrat Governors and Mayors! Get the picture?”

Each person’s self defense is at stake here. You may love or hate Trump but the other side wants you at least terrorized. That can end in death.

All Aboard the Trump Train, we have work to do!

  1. I was telling my wife just a little while ago that I could not see any person with INTEGRITY belonging to a party such as the Dems have become, and I am pleased to see a couple law officials from my state proving their integrity by quitting the Dems.

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