CIA ‘Fast Tracked’ Election Swinging Effort Insider Reveals

Active members of the CIA were practically tripping over themselves to sign a letter, simply because it would help keep Donald Trump out of the White House. They didn’t need any more convincing than that. The Prepublication Classification Review Board was nice enough to fast track their approval with expedited processing. They even did some “you want fries with that?” type suggestive selling.

CIA spooked over Trump

The CIA was weaponized to steal the 2020 election away from President Donald Trump and their covert operation just came to light. Along with the Department of Just Us and the Federal Bureau of Instigation, the Criminally Insane Agitators apparently conspired to influence the election and they did it willingly.

As New York Post writes, “The CIA conspired with former acting director Mike Morell and the Biden campaign to produce a letter falsely claiming that emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop were Russian disinformation.

According to a staff report from the House Judiciary Committee, as part of that conspiracy, Morell “solicited signatures from at least one former intelligence official.” We all know he ended up with a grand total of 51.

The CIA has what they call their “Prepublication Classification Review Board” which takes a squint at public news reports ahead of time to make sure there isn’t any classified information in them. Morell told the PCRB “that he needed the letter approved as an unusual ‘rush job‘ that day.” The date was October 19, 2020, with a crucial presidential debate coming up in days.

When the CIA learned it was “an effort to provide then-candidate Joe Biden ammunition in the final presidential debate to discredit The Post’s report on the Biden emails which had been published five days earlier,” spooks suddenly appeared right out of the woodwork, to defeat Donald Trump.

The PCRB bent over backwards to help with such an important mission. One that started at the suggestion of Antony Blinken.

Oh, by the way…

That very same fateful day, “a CIA employee working for the PCRB solicited a signature for Morell’s letter.” He sold agency analyst David Cariens on the idea during a chance phone call. Cariens testified in a written statement to a congressional committee that he got a call from them about his own memoir.

Seemingly as an afterthought, he was approached to join the conspiracy. The former agent explained to the Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government that “he had been speaking with the PCRB about the prepublication review of his own memoir.

When the person in charge of reviewing my book called to say it was approved with no changes, I was told about the draft letter. The person asked me if I would be willing to sign.” Of course he would. “I agreed to sign.

Not only that, he “told his wife, Janice Cariens, also a former CIA officer, about the letter and she also agreed to sign.” The bureau rushed it through as requested.

When Morell dialed up former CIA director John Brennan, he mentioned that “he wanted the letter released before Biden’s October 22, 2020, presidential debate against Donald Trump.” They knew the subject of Hunter’s laptop and all the incriminating emails oozing out of it was sure to come up.

They all knew the laptop was legit but had no problem telling the public it looked a lot like something the Russians would do. They knew it wasn’t the Russians doing it but the point was to stop Trump, not tell the truth. To the CIA, the truth is what their orders say it is. Just ask Oliver North.

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