10 Mins After News Breaks, Liberal Media Begins Sh*tting All Over Rush Limbaughs Legacy

Under normal circumstances, speaking poorly about somebody who has just died has been considered bad taste and inhuman. One day we’ll all be there. But these aren’t normal circumstances. Rush Limbaugh said out loud what people were thinking but didn’t dare to actually speak. Today, if you say something the MSM doesn’t like, you’re canceled. Destroyed. Admittedly, he’s not martyred, but once somebody passes away, it doesn’t matter what detractors say anymore.

Limbaugh started conservative radio

He repeatedly had to tell people where he came from since our educational system has been so bad for so long. People thought that if you’re wealthy, it was just handed to you. You didn’t actually earn it.

Rush Limbaugh spent many times on the skids. He was a college drop out. He regularly lost gigs as a deejay and talk show host. He spent a lot of 1974 jobless in his parents’ basement.

Limbaugh tried to be honest with his audience

At a time when people are condescendingly told the truth is relative. People are starved for somebody to talk to them straight. The truth resulted in a five decade career on the radio that net him five black luxury sedans, a private jet and a beautiful ocean front Palm Beach estate.

He had his own demons like we all do. He lost weight, went through four marriages and an addiction to opioid painkillers he was lucky to live through. He was also almost totally deaf.

Rush Hudson Limbaugh III

Somebody who hates Republicans might say he was born with a silver spoon. His birthplace is Cape Girardeau, Missouri, a small town on the Illinois border. Hugely Republican, few minorities, with judges and lawyers.

Or you can look at him evenly, based on his trials and errors. The last two decades of his life he became THE conservative voice over the radio that spawned many more.

Limbaugh’s rise

People might have thought he was an entertainer til you listened to him and maybe dug into what he said. Like Trump, he worked to be as honest to his audience as possible. And since this is a world without trust, where you don’t know who to believe anymore, he tried to be that shining light on the hill.

Depending on the President, he either tormented or praised. And he’d give reasons for both. Any good leader is going to be considered “dangerous”. His hero Ronald Reagan wrote him a letter, “I know the liberals call you ‘the most dangerous man in America,’ but don’t worry about it, they used to say the same thing about me. Keep up the good work.”

Limbaugh’s humor could be brutal

Since the sentiment went both ways. He’d slam right back at the liberals and say why he did it. Former Clinton White House advisor Paul Begala spoke of him as, “The real leader of the Republican Party in America today is a corpulent drug addict with an AM radio talk show.”

Rush believed sexual indiscretions really shouldn’t be splashed in a place of dignity, such as the White House so there were a number of lampooned songs that slapped at Bill Clinton. “Mrs. Jones, you’ve got a lovely daughter” was aimed at the Paula Jones affair.

Limbaugh and Trump

Michael Harrison of the radio industry Talkers magazine thought Rush influenced Trump. “From the standpoint of radio performers, Donald Trump is a hybrid. He is influenced tremendously by Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern. If these guys were ‘shock jocks,’ whatever the hell that means, I consider that the radio influence on Donald Trump made him the first ‘shock president.’ I’m suggesting that the presidency and public discourse, for decades to come, will be influenced by these years of Donald Trump, who in turn was influenced by Rush Limbaugh”.

The libertarian leaning Conor Friedersdorf wrote in The Atlantic: “Without admitting it to himself, more fully than ever before in his long political-talk career, Limbaugh has abandoned conservatism as his lodestar. All else being equal, he still prefers the ideology. But it’s now negotiable. He’d rather have a non-conservative nominee who attacks and is loathed by the Republican establishment than a conservative who is conciliatory and appealing to moderates. And Trump was uniquely suited to bring him to this point.”

Limbaugh saw the people fall in love with Trump

Thankfully Trump is an excellent chess player. He knew the Democrats would do what they did, clear up to not allowing evidence of the 2020 election to be shown in court. Officials were threatened. Anything to keep that power.

The United States needed Trump. Limbaugh was one of his biggest supporters. We need to see a return to government how it was originally. Businessmen taking time from what they do for work, going to Washington long enough to do any business that needed to be done there – AND GOING HOME.

Rush needed to learn he might not be liked

He spoke of that. Everybody likes to be liked. But in his field, people make a living slithering around in the swamp. Limbaugh shone the light of day on the cockroaches and they didn’t like it.

He was shunned in the late ’80’s and it bothered him. His close friend Ann Coulter spoke of that. “The left was really nasty to him. Rush thought that it was like being an athlete or a singer—‘I’ve achieved this level of success. Isn’t there a fraternity of success where top people are friendly to one another and say hello when they see each other in restaurants?’ And he was right. People did do that,” Coulter went on. “But not Rush. Oh my God. The New York liberal elite were extremely rude to him.

The shutting out of Rush Limbaugh—that was pretty intense. Drudge and I used to remark that we couldn’t care less what liberals thought of us, but I think it always kind of hurt Rush’s feelings.”

Limbaugh found solace in his audience

Who regularly thanked him for continuing to speak the truth. They’re called “dittoheads” because callers would say, “I agree with everything you’re saying” so it just became “ditto”.

Godspeed Rush. Thanks for helping to start the movement you started. You kept it real.

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