A Letter From The President Scores Massive Liberal Tears


Anyone getting federal government stimulus money will also be getting a complimentary souvenir letter from President Donald Trump, so progressives are outraged. President Trump sends along a personalized explanation of what each person was supposed to get, why they got it, and where it was sent, so they can make sure they received what they were supposed to.

Customized letter horrifies liberals

CNN went out of their way to scrounge up a few copies, speaking “with recipients in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland who have received the letters.” You would think one copy would be enough.

They’re horrified at what they saw. Even the envelope sets them off. “The one-page letter arrives in an envelope,” they snarl. That kills trees. Not only that, despite the way the postal service is struggling to survive, “both the postage and fees” are paid for by the IRS, “according to a notice on the envelope.” Once they get past their anger at the envelope, they finally look at the letter and really freak out. This makes Trump look like a hero!

As CNN is infuriated to see, the letter reads, in part, “we are fully committed to ensuring that you and your family have the support you need to get through this time,” and notifies the recipient exactly what they would receive and how. On the other side of the letter is a translated Spanish version of the same text.

Trump then has the audacity to “thank Congress for working with his administration in passing the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, which I proudly signed into law.”

Required to send out the notice

As part of that law, President Trump explained in his Friday coronavirus update briefing, the act requires the government to “send out a notice of what benefits Americans are receiving.” In order to fill that requirement, “the Treasury Department is mailing a letter from me,” the president relates. It must be done “Not later than 15 days after the date on which the (Treasury) Secretary distributed any payment to an eligible taxpayer.”

The notice is required to be “sent by mail to such taxpayer’s last known address.” As part of the notice, it spells out, “the method by which such payment was made, the amount of such payment, and a phone number for the appropriate point of contact at the Internal Revenue Service to report any failure to receive such payment.” According to the Treasury Department, a little over half the payments have been made.

The letter is a new and separate controversy from the one that caught liberal attention last week. Anyone getting a paper check will notice that it has President Trump’s name on it. As much as the progressives would love to burn President Trump at the stake for it, he had nothing to do with it.

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin took full responsibility for the decision. It was totally his decision he told CNN earlier this month. President Trump likewise played it down because it won’t delay the paper checks one bit. “Well, I don’t know too much about it, but I understand my name is there. I don’t know where they’re going, how they’re going,” he said. “I do understand it’s not delaying anything. And I’m satisfied. I don’t imagine it’s a big deal. I’m sure people will be very happy to get a big fat beautiful check and my name is on it.”


  1. I just love the sound of liberal heads exploding over virtually nothing! Mr. Trump is doing what the law requires. To all libs that are melting down… suck it up, buttercups! This is why you are losing membership. #Walkaway. JMO

  2. Love it.. God Bless you President Trump…
    The liberals, lying democRATS and the msm have one agenda and that is to spread their hate filled lies throughout the country to destroy President Trump… I’m so disgusted with their hate .. HOW about they shut up and start doing their job to protect this country and the American people. Stop trying to tear it apart… The ONLY ones tearing apart this country, dividing the people, are the democRATS, with the help of the MSM spreading their lies that are filled with Extreme hate… and the liberals/left have their heads so far up the butts of the democRATS that they are allowing them to poison their minds…. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH OF THESE ATTACKS ON THE PRESIDENT…


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