Video: Adam Schiff Doubles Down on Impeachment…Here we go again

How many times can you impeach a President? You can’t do it more than once, right? Not if desperate Democrats want Trump OUT. They may impeach til they get the results they want. Schiff is demanding another investigation because of how Trump has handled the coronavirus.

In the event you’re just bluster, who or what are you grandstanding for, Schiff? What ulterior motive do you have, what position are you shooting for?

Schiff is suggesting that if Mike Pence was in charge when the coronavirus hit that we wouldn’t have had 50,000 deaths. What might be a more accurate statement is it would be much easier to blame Mike Pence.

Savage him just as much if not more than Trump. Maybe threaten his family. Force him down so that Pelosi, who is next in line, could be in charge. Finally the Queen would have her throne.

Impeachment done, Schiff done.  Nope.

The news has to twist everything Trump says. It’s not news anymore. This is why the networks don’t have the audience they once enjoyed. In order to make it look like Trump owed money to the Chinese, somebody had to make it up. It needed to be put out there, circulated and quietly edited later.

Trump is amazing and was able to do things even around impeachment. Congress and Schiff couldn’t care less about bats and that virus. It was all about trying to wound Trump. They knew full well the Senate wouldn’t go along with it.

Brietbart indicated Congress, including Schiff, did nothing about the coronavirus. January 15 was the day the articles of impeachment were transferred to the Senate. That was also the day the first coronavirus patient arrived in Wuhan, China.

The President formed the Coronavirus task force January 27 and enacted the travel ban January 31.

Schiff said nothing about the coronavirus but is now trying to put together a commission to investigate the person who is currently doing something. These are resources that could be best put toward helping the United States forward, regardless who is in charge.

It makes you look jealous, Schiff. Trump is doing something and all you can do is criticize.

Trump Derangement Syndrome in tyrannical, insane Democrats.

Schiff supposedly talked to the “whistleblower” and it was all over. The public was dragged through weeks of ridiculous impeachment hearings from a basement. No Republican was allowed to question or comment.

The opinions and witnesses were given the spotlight. By the time Republicans were allowed to speak they were gaveled into silence or throw out of the room.

Schiff had a tantrum if somebody asked why he wouldn’t let the opposing party speak.

Both Pelosi and Schiff are screaming for another investigation, America be damned. How many more investigations will we have? If Trump is still in office, there’s no reason to stop.  We can go lower.

  1. I swear to God, these people are the devils spawn…they are so f’ing evil…I wish to hell that the devil comes up and takes these MF’s down…something has to be done about these demoncraps

  2. Hey there Shitforbrains Schiff … did you get a dose of the Coronavirus ? Do you want one ?
    No ? Then you best STFU before we send a dose your way you worthless SOB !

  3. As a fading Republican who is so sick of your party doing anything, I’m ready to go Independent. Minimum of 30 democrats should be up on charges, but noooooooo. Your attacked daily and us on your team are sick of being on heels.

  4. Adam Schiff A good Democrat, truthful and a man of honor.
    Adam Schiff claimed that the Trump organization made the secret service spend over $150,000 on golf carts. This is a lie, the secret service rents special golf carts from third party companies. This smear was designed to make it look like the President was profiting from his role by making the secret service spend money at his son’s properties.
    Anytime Adam Schiff got a chance to lie about Trump during the Russian-Collusion story he took it. Now that the story is dead (because none of it was true) the media pretends as if Adam Schiff is as honest as a man can get. He was and still is willing to lie about anything to get this President out of office.
    Adam Schiff recently told a lie about his contact with the Whistleblower prior to the Whistleblower going public. Schiff told his colleagues that he had never met the Whistleblower until the hearing and furthered this claim when he spoke with the press. It turned out to be a lie, the Whistleblower revealed that they had sought guidance from Adam Schiff prior to going through the official process.
    Adam Schiff did an interview and stated that impeachment was going to be a transparent process and that revealing the identity of the Whistleblower was not necessary. This is just not true, for transparency’s sake the identity of the Whistleblower needs to be known and the process should not be done in secret closed-door meetings.

  5. How do you know if Schiff is lying? His lips are moving. I have said it before, drunk nancy. Wants to be President, so her and her lap dogs, are trying to distroy both President Trump, and Vice President Pence. They will lie, falsify evidence, spread false rumors, and anything else they can come up with. How long will the American people put up with their wasting our tax payers money. Time to arrest them for an attempted coup, and lock them away.

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