Karine Jean-Pierre

KJP Gets Tossed to the Feeding Frenzy

The media was supposed to be forgiving and kind to Biden and his administration. No tough questions, sweep scandals under the rug. Not this time. The press corp wants answers about Hunter’s business dealings, especially after the sweetheart deal he was given for a sentence. Hunter was then seen at a state dinner with the Indian Prime Minister and the attorney general who is supposed to be investigating him.

At least the press corp was infuriated

To the point of where they slammed the press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre with questions. It got ugly. The White House doesn’t need anymore scandals.

CNN’s Jeremy Diamond started the questions. Jean-Pierre refused to answer, saying it was a family matter. The ball started rolling and other journalists in support of each other repeated the questions til she just refused to answer anymore.

The press corp hammered her

Jean-Pierre lost control, became a brick wall and told everybody to talk to the White House counsel. For two years the media has been soft on the administration, allowing the corruption to slip by. But not on this day.

She became speechless as they pounded her with questions she couldn’t or wouldn’t answer and it’s only going to get worse. The House Ways and Means Committee disclosed a text Hunter sent to a Chinese official while his dad was vice president.

The press corp will get nothing

That text shows Hunter using White House leverage to get what he wanted. That same text mentions his dad being in the room so the proof is there that Joe Biden lied. He actually knew about his son’s business dealings.

Another reporter, Newsman’s James Rosen, asked John Kirby about that text. Kirby wouldn’t talk about it. In solidarity the other reporters  hit Kirby with the same question til he just walked off. Even the supposedly friendly media aren’t giving the administration a pass anymore. It’s anybody’s guess whether the Biden reputation will recover.

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