They Are Attempting to Cancel Holidays

Talk about a guilt trip! You’re killing people because you’re so selfish! Please stay home. For how long? Crickets. You can’t keep people caged in their homes forever. People that hate the power of Christmas are screaming at us that we can’t see loved ones or we’ll make them sick. We need to cancel the holidays. Even the CDC website has the death toll at the rate of the flu but the media ignores. Why?

Cancel the holidays so nobody gets sick

The curve was flattened a long time ago. Now, nine months into lockdowns, a doctor and writer pleads for people to stay in their self imposed jail cells.

Dipti Barot writes, “Use me as your excuse. Say that you just got off the phone with this intense doctor, and she said you can’t come home for the holidays to potentially kill your loved ones.”

While holidays can be stressful, it can also be stress relief

Which is huge now. The media refuses to acknowledge that there are other illnesses out there besides COVID. Cancer is just one.

Even people who do everything right catch this because it’s a virus. All masks are going to have holes so respiration can take place. You STILL can’t eat with masks on.

Holidays are an American tradition

That you aren’t going to break. Christmas, Kwanzaa, Chanukah cover people across the board and have for centuries. As a doctor, you of all people should know there are at least treatments, if not outright cures out there that aren’t a vaccine. But the media destroyed the reputations of doctors that did this. Why? If doctors can’t heal people, the medical profession has a serious problem because that’s what they do.

Our own President was cured and the recipe for his cure was shared online. He acted before any Democrats to shut down outside travel once he found out about it. Dr. Barot, you assume people are too stupid to make their own decisions. You aren’t the only leader to assume that and insult. There’s no reason to cancel the holidays when over 99% of people that contract COVID recover. There are other illnesses exponentially worse that we don’t close down the nation over. Remember AIDS?

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