Trump PARDON Announced, Dems Lose Their Minds

Donald Trump just made a huge announcement, but I am not sure it was the right one.

During a recent interview with Time, Donald Trump addressed the issue of pardoning January 6 rioters.

Trump stated that his team is now evaluating the situation, and he is considering pardoning them all.

Is This Smart?

After the interview context was made public, Trump’s campaign was asked if Trump was serious about pardoning all of the J6 defendants.

Karoline Leavitt, national press secretary for the Trump campaign, stated, “As President Trump has promised, he will pardon January 6th protestors who are wrongfully imprisoned by Crooked Joe Biden’s Justice Department, and those decisions will be determined on a case-by-case basis when he is back in the White House.”

Trump did say that someone had acting “evil or bad,” he may consider that differently, but that is not what is going to dominate headlines.

But I am looking at the much bigger picture here.

Trump has backed himself into a corner on this, vowing very early on to pardon these people, but there are conservative voters that will not support this, but even that is not Trump’s biggest problem.

Democrats were already trying to disqualify Trump on this front, but he will be giving them the ammunition they need if he pardons anyone with sedition charges against them.

That would easily translate to having given aid and comfort to an insurrectionist, which would be grounds for impeachment.

If Democrats retake the House, which seems imminent due to the dysfunction of the House since 2022, you know they will go after Trump on this front.

If Democrats keep control of the Senate, you know Senator Schumer (D-N.Y.) will be more than happy to floor the impeachment, and there just might be enough Republicans in the Senate that do not like Trump and would vote to impeach on this front.

Even some of Trump’s supporters in the Senate, such as Senator Graham (R-S.C.), have stated they would not support pardons for J6 defendants, so Trump could see votes against him by allies.

In terms of the big picture, this would be a monstrous mistake by Trump.

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