Mayor Jenny Durkan of Seattle laying off police officers

Democrat City Continues to Sink Further into HELL, Begins Process of Laying off LARGE Amount of Police Officers

Jenny Durkan, the mayor of Seattle, said on Thursday that she has begun the process of laying off 70 police officers due to the City Council’s override of a budget veto.

Durkan also suspended the operations of the Navigation Team, a specially trained group of police officers, sanitation crews, and social workers that remove unsanctioned encampments. Residents of the camps are supposed to be offered beds in homeless shelters, but many council members question if that happens in all cases.

The city will not begin laying off police officers immediately, as the layoffs require bargaining with unions and the Public Safety Civil Service Commission.

All of this comes around two weeks after a group of 550 business owners and their allies requested that Durkan and the City Council sign a pledge supporting small businesses. The pledge asks that the city ensure owners, employees, and customers are able to enter and exit their places of work “free of threats to personal safety, verbal or physical abuse, and exposure to hazardous materials.”

Elected officials have yet to sign the pledge according to a spokesperson from the Downtown Seattle Association, which is spearheading the pledge campaign alongside other neighborhood business associations.

One member of the City Council, Andrew Lewis, has reported that he tentatively plans to sign the pledge. Durkan has not said whether she will sign it or not, though she has supposedly pledged to support and listen to the business community.

Durkan and the City Council have been forced to rebalance their 2020 budget, as the COVID pandemic has hurt tax revenue. Durkan’s recent proposal included cutting $20 million from the Police Department. The City Council added $3 million more in cuts to the police, which included eliminating the Navigation Team, laying off more officers, and cutting the salaries of police command staff.

Durkan sent her proposed budget for 2021 to the City Council on Tuesday. Kshama Sawant, a member of the City Council, has denounced Durkan’s budget proposal, writing that it “will only double down on hard times for Seattle’s working people and marginalized communities.”

  1. HOW CAN THEY DO THAT? Well it looks like I won’t be visiting Seattle anytime. I would not feel safe with not enough police presence. I am glad I do not live there!

  2. Leave the city as a toxic environment. Sue the city for all private losses. And get your guns to defend yourselves. You will need to do that, as the city obviously will not do that for you.

  3. They had better “double down” on following their oath of office and not picking on the police force. How about taking salary cuts for you”leaders” for not doing your jobs or even stepping down from your jobs for not doing your jobs!

    1. Dennis, that is only the start of what needs to happen. These people need to be held accountable for the misuse of funds and letting crowds take over a city, we should be talking jail time. The American patriots are standing by hoping these idiots will do their jobs that they are being paid to do, but so far they are not doing their job. The courts will not save these low life’s when the time comes to hold people accountable

  4. Sorry, but I’m not buying that Durkan and the City Council have been forced to re-balance their 2020 budget, as the COVID pandemic has hurt tax revenue. This has more to do with a Democrat Mayor, and City Council members who go along with her. It’s a shame that the businesses still in Seattle, and who want police begin a petition to oust this mayor. She is bad for Seattle, and BAD for our state. I know of at least four business owners who have folded up and left Seattle, which is now the arm-pit of the U.S.

    1. The tax base will remain the same, that is just an excuse to cut departments. She does not know her ability’s are held back because of political correctness that she imposed on the city.

    2. Remember that New Jersey being the Armpit of America, they were hard workers a builders of ships. You will have deficits all the time for your defunding the police is what makes the city a dangerous environment. Might as well leave the armpit and move to a state that does not defund he police. Move to a state where policemen are officers of the law and not “pigs”. Where a tiff is prosecuted and where rioters and looters are not only incarcerated but where they are sent to jail for a long time and forced to pay restitution..

  5. Keep electing democrats in your government but do not expect a different result in your city management. Seattle and almost all other cities governed by democrats (either as mayor or governors) are filthy cesspools. Corruption is rampant with no hope to ever come out of the filth.

  6. Sounds like Seattle would be a good place to avoid-at least until the citizens think things through and decide they need officials who are capable of cogent thought. The place was already a hell hole ruled over by criminals who were aided and abetted by a demented leftist government. When criminals are destroying everything important in a city or state, disposing of the police force don’t seem to be a reasonable solution. I have relatives who live in Seattle and I used to visit them often-today you couldn’t pay me to go there.

  7. Can we all stand for a moment of silence as Seattle dies? Seems the democrats are bent on killing off what were once great cities and turning them into criminal war zones.

  8. Another shit city run by commies. Wake up you people in Seattle. Quit electing these democrat clowns. They do not lead. They are pathetic asshats and your mayor is a prime example of failed leadership. You will be losing lots of businesses with your mayors insistence of getting rid of Police. Your city is on the verge of being San Francisco. You need republicans to lead not democrats. You vote them in, you suffer the consequences.

  9. The fewer in the Thin Blue Line, the greater the suffering of the citizenry. Let Seattle learn that hard lesson the hard way. Madness. Madness.

  10. Sorry but this is the reason that women in politics is not a good idea. With a few notable exceptions most are not leadership material and don’t have the fortitude to make the hard decisions or the political savy to stand up for the people that put them in office. With someone like Nikki Haley in the mayors office I’d bet things would be a lot different.

  11. Sorry, can’t feel sorry for Seattle. They keep voting these Communists in office

    Unbelievable I can’t wait to leave next year this state is done.

  12. Democrats are Democrats, Über Alles.
    Harassment, Fraud, Felonies, Inappropriate sexual relationship, Drug usage, Deceiving, Obfuscating, Prevaricators, Racism, Lying, Ignorance, Bribery, Hypocrisy, Antisemitism, misleading, plagiarism, perjurers, Communists, all Democrat résumé enhancements.

  13. Why the police? Look at the expenses and close things that aren’t vital to the safety of the people. Close the Dot nonessential operations, close marriage license operations, close parks and recreation, reduce the salaries of the overpaid politicians that caused the problem. Watch how fast they all hire private security to protect themselves and their loved ones.

  14. Just keep going with the democRATs and you will keep going down. The democRATs have gotten to be money hungry idiots.

  15. The police in these DEM run cities need to QUIT and move their familys to a Repub. run state as they will be hired to enforce those city police and will be appreciated. Let the DEM run citys and states ROT as that seems to be what they want to do.

  16. I love how businesses are wanting a pledge to protect their employees from harassment or harm, but what about customers? I guess they’re free game on the hoodlums now running Seattle. Feckless mayor and city council. Some voters are now getting exactly what they deserve. Keep voting these fools to lead Seattle right into ruin. They’re helping you out…right out of business.

  17. Seattle and countless other cities which are run by Democrats are filthy sh*tholes.

    I have no sympathy for the people who live there – after all, these morons voted theseother morons into office.


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