Trump Scores Unexpected WIN

Ever since this election season started, Donald Trump’s poll numbers have been very clear.

If Trump were to be convicted of a felony, he would lose a third or more of his support.

Now, however, polling is starting to see those numbers flip.

Big News for Trump

The news comes via the latest UNF/PORL Florida National Survey, which is starting to show a new narrative for Trump on this front.

Now only 24% of voters say a conviction would impact their vote, with a massive 67% stating that a conviction for Trump would have no impact at all on how they vote.

This is still a big number, but it is far less than the 33% or so that I have seen in virtually every poll to this point.

This is likely due to Fulton County DA Fani Willis’s legal problems, as well as the joke of a case that Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg has presented so far.

Not only is Bragg’s case weak, but now he has to try to explain to jurors a very technical path where he claims Trump’s hush-money payments were actually election interference.

Paying hush money is not illegal, yet Bragg has hit Trump with 34 felony counts in a case that is very similar to how Hillary Clinton’s campaign categorized the Steele Dossier payments.

The difference is that Hillary received a low, six-figure fine, while Trump is facing spending the rest of his life in jail.

Trump’s attorneys did a very good job of crushing Bragg’s theory during the first week, but this is in a liberal town with a liberal judge and a likely biased jury.

The good news for Trump is that even if he loses this case, it is set up very well for an overturn on appeal, which would create a massive meltdown on the left.

This is not going to go the way the Democrats want it to, and if the Supreme Court ruling regarding immunity goes the way I think, the Bragg case may be the only case we see tried before election day.

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